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Across our marketing articles you'll find a range of guides, strategy tips and analysis from some of the biggest names in SEO to build your knowledge and create winning campaigns.

Since 2014, hundreds of new domain name extensions (also known as top-level domains) have been introduced, opening a world of options to small businesses. In the past, businesses typically focused on the left side of the dot and hoped they would find something suitable when creating new sites. No longer constrained to .com, brands can now leverage a domain name that adds marketing value by providing a more relevant, meaningful, and memorable customer experience.Options like .agency, .club, and .
In March 2014, a study released by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester reported that only 23 percent of marketers knew what programmatic advertising was, while 12 percent had never even heard of it. Luckily, the picture has changed dramatically in the time since that survey was published.Programmatic digital video ad spending has grown exponentially this year, according to eMarketer.
It’s a Catch 22: while we have more technology tools than ever before to help us be more productive and stay organized, we’re drowning in the fact that there are simply too many tools to learn to use effectively. So, in an effort to save you the trouble of trying out all the organization tools out there (as if that were even possible!) here’s a list of some of the most efficient tools for small businesses.
Google has done it again. The Internet giant has introduced a new algorithm known as RankBrain that determines search results. RankBrain is an artificial technology that enables Google to process and sort through its search results in unprecedented ways. Anyone who‘s serious about their search results will need to know the following.
What is a good email? Can we name any true examples of good emails? Ever so often, we ask ourselves this very question. But sometimes we omit a question that may be even more important – how can we measure effectiveness of our emails? It’s difficult to accomplish this task without figuring out what the main goal of your email marketing campaign is and which metrics you should use to track its effectiveness.

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It's important to create visual stories that people share. Sure, we’d love to write you a sonnet about the wonders of data, but no one would read it. That’s why we make infographics at Here’s My Chance,.An infographic is simply data visualized. Infographics transform boring data into a captivating, memorable imagery. Asking someone to read a data report requires a lot of attention and time.
Fewer groups can match the animosity that exists between web designers and web developers. This is further aggravated by the fact that they have to work together on a single project to produce literally two halves of a whole website.The cause of this rift can be chalked down to simple differences in perspective. You see, web designers are focused on the visual aspect of the website which includes the typography, colors and the layout.
Have you ever changed your name or heard the frustrations of someone who chose to do it? As someone who has been through it, I promise it's not an easy process – and it takes so much time.When I read about the success of fellow McDaniel College alumna Danielle Tate, I could see why her idea was so popular. Her website, MissNowMrs, allows women to change their names quickly, legally and officially through a secure online portal.
A lot of marketers today consider email an old-fashioned strategy and prefer to focus on other marketing channels like social media, blogging or live streaming. However, email marketing is a steadily growing trend, which shows no sign of fading. You can find some impressive numbers, proving the power of email marketing in this article.
Public relations (or PR) is an essential part of your overall marketing efforts. The majority of marketers use PR to create connections, and increase brand awareness. But what if we told you PR also affects search engine optimization (SEO)? This dependency isn’t direct, but by improving your PR activities, you still can impact search engine results.Learn how to do this with public relations specialist Carrie Morgan @morgancarrie and our other SEMrush Chat participants.

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