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Across our marketing articles you'll find a range of guides, strategy tips and analysis from some of the biggest names in SEO to build your knowledge and create winning campaigns.

One of the best strategies to figure out what is or isn’t working for your business is… Performance tracking. And when it comes to your online efforts, Google Analytics is huge. But this can be used for so much more than just reporting, analyzing, and measuring results. At Loud Rumor, we use Google Analytics as leverage to get more customers. Find out how below!
We’ve all read the case studies. Somewhere out there, marketers are claiming they’re increasing conversion rates by 300 percent/ 212 percent or “just” 75 percent. Every other case study you read publishes these kind of results, yet when it comes down to it and we really face it – most tests either fail or at best increase conversions by one or two percent. Why is that? Are people making these results up.
There are plenty of strategies you can implement to get more out of your company email list – more website traffic, more conversions, more engaged customers.Many of those strategies hinge on content development: writing compelling headlines, creating invaluable content and drafting powerful calls to action.But here’s an email strategy that all too often goes overlooked: If you want to get more out of your email list, make sure you’re growing that list regularly.
Don’t let this topic confuse you. It’s not about building a website from scratch or writing code. The perfect website doesn’t just exist on the Web, it sells and engages.The topic of today’s SEMrush Chat is what you should tell your web developer to do to improve your results in SERPs and ultimately sell more products.We’re super excited to hear some practical tips from French SEO rock star Laurent Bourrelly @laurentbourelly and our other chat participants.
Millennials are accustomed to being inundated with information. At the tips of their fingers lies the entire Internet — direct access to friends, television, radio, books, and more. With one of the most desirable target markets dwelling in a digitized world that’s oversaturated with ads and clever promotions, how can marketers grab their attention and get millennials to care about what they're offering.

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For a great deal of my career I chased the Google Algorithm, trying to outwit tens of thousands of the most brilliant engineers in the world. In my old age, and through the wisdom of my countless failures, I started delivering real results and learned that it’s better to work with than fight against the algorithm.
From the perceptions of those in the digital world, user experience has long held the position of “good guy.” It is rooted in genuine concern for customers and aims to do what’s best for them.Marketing, on the other hand, has (at times) adopted the role of the villain – greedy, money-driven, and focusing on sales at all costs.Fair or not, these caricatures do exist. Many people still think marketing and UX accomplish very different goals with disparate motives.
This year has undoubtedly brought new trends and tendencies to the digital world; marketing has reached a whole new level and is continuing to grow and change. And on the threshold of the new year, people are not only looking back and analyzing what has happened, but also trying to predict what is going to happen in the future.
Over the last few years, Infographics have gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, especially on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Despite what some naysayers have stated about infographics, they continue to be a popular medium to spread awareness about your business and increase social shares.
It is a buyers’ market today. The advent of integrated marketing concepts, increasing transparency, and higher customer outreach have changed the traditional sales funnel to a more marketing dependent sales funnel.Today’s marketers support sales staff in an unprecedented way which is not just limited to the top of the marketing funnel i.e. creating brand awareness and generating leads.

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