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If you’re active on social media, you’re probably already advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maybe even Instagram.In my previous blog about Instagram for businesses, I mentioned about Sponsored posts and how they were only available for large companies. Finally, this has changed! Three months ago, Instagram officially opened the ability to advertise on their platform to all businesses. Now, businesses of all different sizes can advertise on Instagram with your own custom budget.
For a long time now, mobile apps have remained a mysterious place for online marketers. However, using mobile apps requires that marketers re-educate themselves if they are to become successful and gain popularity in the marketplace.The growth of mobile apps in recent times cannot be under estimated. 34% of traffic to the 10 most visited sites in the U.S is from mobile users. 72% of online activity from mobile devices is done through apps, not browsers.
Yes. You read that right.Google will soon leaf through your email and provide what it thinks is the best response.  The company is beefing up its app (Inbox by Gmail) using “deep learning” - an algorithm-based technique or form of an artificial intelligence - that will offer you a few brief reply options.The point is to reduce excessive manual tapping and save you time while you're on the go.
A famous writer portrayed in a recent film said that telling a good horror story boils down to three things; the beginning, the middle, and the twist. I’ll avoid throwing around the buzzword “storytelling”, but successful digital marketers track and manage a brand‘s online presence using all the tricks that writers and filmmakers have used in the past.
Digital marketers are spoiled by the riches of robust data and analytics. Gone are the "Mad Men" days of ad creation based on a gut feeling, placed in a public setting and measured with guesswork from subsequent sales increases. Now we can measure real visitors, their actions on our website and the direct impact on our bottom line.

Best marketing techniques and insights

 Many native ad providers have “emerged” since native advertising became a buzzword. And it’s no wonder: native ad spend is estimated to climb to nearly $8 billion this year and keep growing to $21 billion by 2018.To make sure you’re getting the best campaign results, the strongest ROI and the most value from this growing trend, there are a few important things to consider.
We all know people with authority impact marketing. If this were not so, marketers would not be standing in line for social media mentions from celebrities and experts. People and customers are, overall, much more likely to trust someone they know and respect than an unknown brand from the Internet. How can we use influence marketing to increase both traffic and conversions.
Last week, we looked at how to make your e-commerce store more robust, the disappearance of Amazon Product Ads, proving ROI as an SEO, and more.Did you miss any of this content? Read on!
Whenever you run an SEO campaign, your success depends on the quality of your keyword research. Some still remember the time when simple keyword stuffing was enough to push your page to the top of SERPs. Search engines have changed their attitude towards words and content, but in what way? Does it still matter what keywords you use? What should marketers do to increase keyword effectiveness.
It's likely you already know about virtual reality (VR) and how it's used in gaming, but what about this incorporation of this technology into everyday lives and businesses? Bernardo DaCosta is CMO of Greenfish Labs, an innovative company dedicated to virtual reality (VR) solutions. Greenfish Labs helps a variety of organizations engage with their customers and find new prospects. I asked Bernardo about how businesses use VR and future applications for this technology.

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