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Across our marketing articles you'll find a range of guides, strategy tips and analysis from some of the biggest names in SEO to build your knowledge and create winning campaigns.

It's likely you already know about virtual reality (VR) and how it's used in gaming, but what about this incorporation of this technology into everyday lives and businesses? Bernardo DaCosta is CMO of Greenfish Labs, an innovative company dedicated to virtual reality (VR) solutions. Greenfish Labs helps a variety of organizations engage with their customers and find new prospects. I asked Bernardo about how businesses use VR and future applications for this technology.
How do I get my first 1,000 subscribers?What converts casual visitors into subscribers?What do I write on my opt-in form that’s guaranteed to convert?These are three questions in the forefront of every digital marketer's mind.The money, after all, is in the list. And if you’re not making strides to build said list, you’re leaving precious money on the table.This is where your website opt-in form comes in.
Is your current search engine marketing (SEM) strategy missing out on a major component of the B2B sales funnel? If we break the funnel down into three main phases – Awareness, Evaluation and Decision – each of these phases corresponds with a distinct SEM strategy.Trouble is, most folks blaze right past a major part of the SEM strategy for the Awareness phase – category search – and head straight to branded search terms and compete terms.
Marketing is a huge industry (and a great career), but it can be challenging for a smaller agency to attract clients. In practice, marketing does not lend itself well to discount pricing, and traditional advertising tactics used to market a marketing agency can be downright confusing. So how can your business stand out?For many successful marketing ventures, the answer is a unique selling proposition (USP). Something specific that makes your company stand out from the competition.
Online marketing changes every day, and if you are just stepping into this industry, it will be overwhelming and exhausting when you attempt to learn all the tricks, tools and techniques you need to ensure your clients are satisfied with your work. To keep up, you need a strong foundation of what are the hottest trends, the best ways to create compelling content and how to analyze what is working and what isn’t working.

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Tired of seeing your website traffic bounce before giving you a chance? When you know what your visitors want, and you give it to them, it's a lot easier to convince them to stick around.And, as you'll see in just a second, if you follow this seven step model, you'll not only understand what your visitors want but also the best way to give it to them.Just one thing before we start. If you're planning on trying to adapt this process to the Google Keyword Planner Tool – don't.
“Catch a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Drops mic.There’s nothing like feeling empowered, is there? What if I told you if you read this post in its entirety, you will learn something that will be instrumental in constructing every marketing campaign you help create? Please allow me to pick back up the mic and step on my soapbox. Because you’re a mere 1,000+ words and a few images away from being empowered.
I’ve been a marketer for over a decade. In that time, I’ve talked to hundreds of prospects and now clients, and I’ve come to a conclusion that everyone suffers pretty much the same marketing problems with slightly different symptoms.As a marketer, my goal is to help clients achieve marketing success. Everyone wants to achieve marketing success. This comes in various forms and shapes: more calls, more leads, more traffic, more sales.
As a content marketing consultant, I often find myself a little flummoxed by small business owners who say they want to throw in the towel and abandon their blog: It just isn’t getting results, they say to me. It just isn’t converting.Of course, I believe them. Not every business blog is successful. When a business blog isn’t successful, though – when it fails to convert readers into paying customers – there’s always a reason for it.
Last week we featured articles on guest blogging opportunities, AdWords and its occasionally bad advice, troubleshooting SEO with Google Search and finding the right fit in your digital marketing career.Did you miss any of our best posts? Check them out after the jump!

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