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Last week, we looked at the spooky SEO strategies, Google's Frightgeist, Periscope and Facebook tips, and content marketing for small business.Did you miss any of our best content last week? Read about these topics and more below the cut.
Google recently released Frightgeist, a report revealing what Halloween costumes rank locally, nationally and by category for 2015. You can also search a specific costume and get a breakdown of search trends nationwide and over time. I picked up my costume for $4 at a thrift shop here in Philly and was (for once) prepared early – Pocahontas is currently ranking #55 and by looking at search volume throughout the U.S., there's a decent chance I'll be bumping into another one this weekend.
Almost every time I tell someone I’m a Community Manager, I get the questions “what’s that?” “What is it that you really do though?” “What does that really mean?”As the Community Manager of an Internet marketing agency, there are a number of things that I do. However, the Community Manager here at TechWyse is probably a little different from the Community Manager at SEMrush.
Frightening dead-end paths everywhere you turn. Unused possessions draped in dust and spider webs. A hopeless feeling that you'll never get out alive.This may sound like a haunted house straight out of your worst nightmares, but it's also a fitting description of far too many websites. If you don't fix the navigation mistakes your site suffers from, visitors will run away faster than a half-naked camp counselor trying to elude a masked serial killer.
A famous writer portrayed in a recent film said that telling a good horror story boils down to three things; the beginning, the middle, and the twist. I’ll avoid throwing around the buzzword “storytelling”, but successful digital marketers track and manage a brand‘s online presence using all the tricks that writers and filmmakers have used in the past.

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Long gone are the days of privacy.Oh, Hillary, who would know?However, I’m sure there are plenty of people who can thank Raymond for what he did for the current email marketing industry.Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is – 196,4 billion emails are sent per day, and that’s a lot! Those of you who do email marketing for a living are in a merciless competition for your clients’ recognition (and business) because your email is not the only one that lands in their inbox. (Duh.)
Digital marketers are spoiled by the riches of robust data and analytics. Gone are the "Mad Men" days of ad creation based on a gut feeling, placed in a public setting and measured with guesswork from subsequent sales increases. Now we can measure real visitors, their actions on our website and the direct impact on our bottom line.
Last week on the SEMrush Blog, we looked at the SEMrush database upgrade, how to use the Bing iOS app, networking lessons from New York Comic Con, empowering sales teams with SEMrush and writing clear content for your website.Did you miss any of our best content last week? Read about these topics and more below the cut.
 Many native ad providers have “emerged” since native advertising became a buzzword. And it’s no wonder: native ad spend is estimated to climb to nearly $8 billion this year and keep growing to $21 billion by 2018.To make sure you’re getting the best campaign results, the strongest ROI and the most value from this growing trend, there are a few important things to consider.
Last week on the SEMrush Blog, we posted some selfies from SMX East, talked about our expanded keyword database, looked at digital marketing tools for startups and considered creative ways to say thanks on social media.Did you miss any of our best content last week? Read about these topics and more below the cut.