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Admit it – as a marketer, you like to know as much as possible about your audience. If not, you’re either not a marketer or just stabbing in the dark without an understanding of what marketing is all about. The answer is pretty simple: marketers who know their audience can use psychology to attract, persuade and retain clients.
Last week on the SEMrush Blog, we looked at Wikidata, being in tune with your audience's needs, Gmail's new 'Deep Learning' feature, hiring the right SEO developer and using the SEMrush Engagement Report.Did you miss any of our best content last week? Read about these topics below the cut.
Want valuable feedback that's so easy, your customers will tell you what they think?Online surveys specialize in helping you to get information from other people in a simple manner that's super efficient.Online survey programs are designed to take in opinions from your customers and other visitors to your online business or other site. Online surveys have about just about anything you might have created with a wide variety of options.
A recent report published by comScore highlights important trends in how audiences consume video on their mobile devices.Specifically, YouTube’s video app has earned the second most unique visitors year over year with only Facebook ranking higher. With YouTube acting as the undisputed king of online video and Facebook beefing up its own video platform, 2016 is poised for brands ready to commit to mobile video marketing. 
It's been six months since Google announced that the update of its algorithm would reward mobile-friendly websites, thus penalizing those that were not. It was on April 21, 2015 and since that day people began talking about Mobilegeddon: like all the best apocalypse stories, lots of people anticipated how search results would be shaken up, smart websites that were already mobile-optimized would have unforeseen surges, and how the big ones would fall.

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Yes. You read that right.Google will soon leaf through your email and provide what it thinks is the best response.  The company is beefing up its app (Inbox by Gmail) using “deep learning” - an algorithm-based technique or form of an artificial intelligence - that will offer you a few brief reply options.The point is to reduce excessive manual tapping and save you time while you're on the go.
Last week, we looked at the spooky SEO strategies, Google's Frightgeist, Periscope and Facebook tips, and content marketing for small business.Did you miss any of our best content last week? Read about these topics and more below the cut.
Google recently released Frightgeist, a report revealing what Halloween costumes rank locally, nationally and by category for 2015. You can also search a specific costume and get a breakdown of search trends nationwide and over time. I picked up my costume for $4 at a thrift shop here in Philly and was (for once) prepared early – Pocahontas is currently ranking #55 and by looking at search volume throughout the U.S., there's a decent chance I'll be bumping into another one this weekend.
Almost every time I tell someone I’m a Community Manager, I get the questions “what’s that?” “What is it that you really do though?” “What does that really mean?”As the Community Manager of an Internet marketing agency, there are a number of things that I do. However, the Community Manager here at TechWyse is probably a little different from the Community Manager at SEMrush.
Frightening dead-end paths everywhere you turn. Unused possessions draped in dust and spider webs. A hopeless feeling that you'll never get out alive.This may sound like a haunted house straight out of your worst nightmares, but it's also a fitting description of far too many websites. If you don't fix the navigation mistakes your site suffers from, visitors will run away faster than a half-naked camp counselor trying to elude a masked serial killer.