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If you’re lucky enough to be involved in the world of search engine optimization, you will no doubt have a plethora of tools readily equipped in your digital arsenal; tools which you simply cannot live without (if you want to retain your job).There is heaps of information out there, tons of data and masses of analytics to decipher. If you don’t take action on this ‘big’ data (sorry, clichéd term) then you will be missing out on a chunky piece of the measurement pie.
Last week, we looked at digital marketing SlideShares, a code school that doesn't demand payment for tuition until students are employed, the new LinkedIn SSI, PPC for business and the process of developing an authentic blog persona.Did you miss any of this content? Read on!
Last week, we focused on the intersection of technology and education on the blog. Did you miss any of this innovative content?Read on for a complete list of posts from Education Week.
Online marketing changes every day, and if you are just stepping into this industry, it will be overwhelming and exhausting when you attempt to learn all the tricks, tools and techniques you need to ensure your clients are satisfied with your work. To keep up, you need a strong foundation of what are the hottest trends, the best ways to create compelling content and how to analyze what is working and what isn’t working.
Tired of seeing your website traffic bounce before giving you a chance? When you know what your visitors want, and you give it to them, it's a lot easier to convince them to stick around.And, as you'll see in just a second, if you follow this seven step model, you'll not only understand what your visitors want but also the best way to give it to them.Just one thing before we start. If you're planning on trying to adapt this process to the Google Keyword Planner Tool – don't.

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The most inspiring, forward-thinking educators and marketers may have different goals, but I see a future in which their methods converge. Education is evolving right alongside our ideas of how to deliver what people want in the ways they need. And, just as educators learn how to teach their students, marketers can use the same techniques to reach their audiences.Two thought-leaders in education right now are Salman Kahn and Sir Ken Robinson.
 This week, we‘ll focus on the intersection of education and technology, exploring: Digital marketing in higher education Free resources and continuing education for digital marketers Organizational apps for academic communities What businesses and universities can learn from each other about marketing Trends in marketing and education
Most of what I know about online marketing has been gleaned from 20 odd years’ experience in marketing for business in the UK to customers primarily in the UK. While I have quite a few multilingual international projects in my portfolio, there are better sources of information on international SEO than me.So, this post (and the subsequent webinar) will focus on how UK organizations can do their best work – although much of the ideas are transferable to other territories.
Often, sales, marketing, and customer service departments want to take an active role in contributing SEO content to the company website, whether it's information about updates, blog posts about the industry or detailed educational content to help your teams and customers. How can you empower team members to write effective SEO copy?Here’s an inside look at how we manage SEO copy (particularly for our blog) at the SEMrush U.S. office, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA.
“Catch a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Drops mic.There’s nothing like feeling empowered, is there? What if I told you if you read this post in its entirety, you will learn something that will be instrumental in constructing every marketing campaign you help create? Please allow me to pick back up the mic and step on my soapbox. Because you’re a mere 1,000+ words and a few images away from being empowered.