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I’ve been a marketer for over a decade. In that time, I’ve talked to hundreds of prospects and now clients, and I’ve come to a conclusion that everyone suffers pretty much the same marketing problems with slightly different symptoms.As a marketer, my goal is to help clients achieve marketing success. Everyone wants to achieve marketing success. This comes in various forms and shapes: more calls, more leads, more traffic, more sales.
When I moved from Brooklyn to Queens back in 2010, I lived in an apartment across the street from “The Irish Cottage,” a neighborhood Irish Pub in Forest Hills.After a few visits, the staff knew me by name, knew my schedule and often times had my drink ready for me when I arrived. Additionally, since the bartenders knew my taste, they ALWAYS offered fantastic cocktail recommendations.I felt important. Like The Irish Cottage cared about me as a person and a patron.
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Today’s affiliate marketing space is like your nerdy high school friend who went on to launch a tech startup and became really cool. At its core, affiliate marketing is the same. But over the past few years, it’s grown into a more mature version, and this year is sure to bring additional opportunities and sophistication to the space.
As a content marketing consultant, I often find myself a little flummoxed by small business owners who say they want to throw in the towel and abandon their blog: It just isn’t getting results, they say to me. It just isn’t converting.Of course, I believe them. Not every business blog is successful. When a business blog isn’t successful, though – when it fails to convert readers into paying customers – there’s always a reason for it.

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From calculating expenses to providing event timelines to processing credit cards, mobile apps have significantly changed the way many small businesses engage with technology. Mobile business apps are increasingly becoming a requirement for every business.
How many digital applications do you use each day?I'm not always an early adopter and I try to unplug a bit on the weekends. Even on one of my least connected days, I found myself accessing apps that made my life easier – and made it possible for me to spend less time with a phone in my hand once I was done getting the right information.
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How often did you face the problem of measuring the actual benefit that you marketing efforts have brought to your company? And how often did you have difficulties when explaining to your executives why they should invest in a certain marketing channel? Let’s find out which are the best metrics to track, which toolkit is ideal for measuring ROI and how you can justify the benefits of your strategy to you CEO together with our special guest HubSpot and Twitter chat participants.
As a blog editor and writer, it's tempting for me to stick with the types of content that are safe and comfortable: namely blog posts. However, in digital marketing especially, readers are short on time. Podcasts and webinars can extend your reach beyond the written word and provide new avenues for engagement.