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From calculating expenses to providing event timelines to processing credit cards, mobile apps have significantly changed the way many small businesses engage with technology. Mobile business apps are increasingly becoming a requirement for every business.
How many digital applications do you use each day?I'm not always an early adopter and I try to unplug a bit on the weekends. Even on one of my least connected days, I found myself accessing apps that made my life easier – and made it possible for me to spend less time with a phone in my hand once I was done getting the right information.
Last week we featured articles on guest blogging opportunities, AdWords and its occasionally bad advice, troubleshooting SEO with Google Search and finding the right fit in your digital marketing career.Did you miss any of our best posts? Check them out after the jump!
How often did you face the problem of measuring the actual benefit that you marketing efforts have brought to your company? And how often did you have difficulties when explaining to your executives why they should invest in a certain marketing channel? Let’s find out which are the best metrics to track, which toolkit is ideal for measuring ROI and how you can justify the benefits of your strategy to you CEO together with our special guest HubSpot and Twitter chat participants.
As a blog editor and writer, it's tempting for me to stick with the types of content that are safe and comfortable: namely blog posts. However, in digital marketing especially, readers are short on time. Podcasts and webinars can extend your reach beyond the written word and provide new avenues for engagement.

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Jack Kaufman is a junior at Haverford College, just outside Philadelphia. He‘s written two books (and is working on a third), runs a podcast and is completing a marketing internship at a local software recently featured the ambitious college student as a young marketing all-star in the article “22 Marketers Under 22: How They Got Started In Marketing.“ Learn more about Jack‘s entrepreneurial and marketing endeavors in this interview.
Over the course of the last decade, whenever anyone has thought of where to put up their videos, YouTube has always been the top choice. It had the most robust system, people were paid to put their content up and it ultimately became the go-to source for video.Back in 2010 when I used to run a lead generation firm, a lot of our clients who bought our leads were generated through our YouTube videos. Many other successful entrepreneurs have built six figure empires off of YouTube alone.
With SEMrush, we make it seamless for you to spy on your competitors and reveal what they may be doing through their organic or paid search efforts. However, did you know that you could take it a step further and find exactly what kinds of relationships your competitors have established? If not, now you do!When researching your competitors' backlinks, you can see who is linking to their website along with how many times they link to their website.
Are you trying to choose between and When starting a website or blog on WordPress, you have many choices to make: theme, layout, content and where to host your site. Unfortunately, and get confused quite often, and it's not that difficult to see why, considering the names are almost exactly the same.However, each of them are rather unique.
Welcome to the SEMrush Blog's Podcast & Webinar week. This week, we'll take a look at some podcast and webinar success stories. You can also look forward to tips for starting your own podcast or webinar channel.