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This is about marketing communications.And to remind you, here’s what Oxford says about the Matrix:“An environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.
Branding represents a business' attempt to associate their product or service with an easily relatable word or phrase. It raises the customer's awareness of the product and by extension the company. This is something we've known for ages. But how exactly does branding your content influence your customers' final decisions on buying.
Content marketing is becoming the best way to cheaply and easily generate leads. It’s no surprise: creating compelling content that works is one of the most effective ways of finding people interested in your industry. Among the different forms content you can produce, webinars are proven to be both compelling and effective.But creating a truly great webinar can be an arduous process.
It is not enough to identify and categorize visitors according to standard demographic models; in order to increase conversions, merchants must target their messages so they align with a thorough understanding of the purpose and interest behind each visit. Good segmentation and targeting creates a dialogue between merchant and visitor that provides a mutual benefit, improves the shopping experience and makes conversions happen.
Why is a company’s website so important? It’s your face to the world and usually the first channel buyers use when assessing potential service providers. Over 80% of professional services buyers check out service providers’ websites before making a purchase.Understanding the Goals of Branding vs.

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In December of last year, Instagram reported that they have 300 million active users. The Pew Institute reported that 53% of people aged 18-29, which is the majority of the millennial generation, use Instagram. As a millennial myself, I am an active user both for personal and professional purposes. What I like most about it is the simplicity of design, the diverse range of filters and how easy it is to post from my phone.
Collaborative marketing is the best marketing.Collaboration within marketing is important because many different marketing activities complement one another. If you’re using multiple online marketing methods—SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC, affiliate—and not collaborating across all channels, there’s a very real chance you’re missing valuable opportunities.Let’s use links as an example to show how important collaboration is within digital marketing.
The digital world. The Internet of Things. The fact we’re "always connected."In many ways, without sounding over-dramatic, it’s a fantastic time to be alive. Being able to speak (almost) face-to-face with someone at the other end of the world or track your health even when sleeping? Yes, please!And I genuinely do love it. For me, there’s something fascinating about integrating digital into my everyday life, from my role as an SEO Specialist to a husband, dad and friend.
Lead generation combines all marketing activities – direct marketing, social media, content marketing, PR, email marketing, etc. Plus, it requires strategic planning and lots of analysis. It also seems like a lot of work.Today we'll reveal some lead generation secrets, shared by hundred of our participants and our guest experts Jaydip Parikh (@JaydipParikh), speaker, trainer, SEO consultant and Malhar Barai (@MalharBarai), speaker, blogger and co-founder of SEOTalk. Let’s start right away!
These days, you would be incredibly hard pressed to find any person whose life has not been touched at all by the effects of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others all have worked their way into the collective psyche of our culture to the point that many younger people couldn’t even imagine a life in which their best friend’s life story was not a click or a finger swipe away.