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Many people look for ways to build up and successfully maintain their social media profiles. Other people online, however, are looking for ways to tear down those profiles. This article will help you prevent your business social media account from being the victim of a hack.There have been many hacks over the past few years, and this is an issue every business owner and social media manager should be concerned about.
Snapchat is a fun mobile app that is rapidly gaining traction as one of the top social media channels today.This mobile app was developed by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy while attending Stanford University back in 2011. In its simplest terms, Snapchat allows users to take photos and record videos, add text and drawings, and send finished products (snaps) out to a controlled list of recipients.
 Online users are more selective than ever. Their preferences have quickly shifted toward rich, visual content, and Pinterest has since become very powerful. E-commerce vendors frequently mention Pinterest as a valuable tool for gaining additional quality traffic and outperforming competitors.In essence, Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google.
Marketers today have a lot on their plates. From documenting plans, balancing stakeholder buy-in, creating and adjusting deadlines, targeting the right audience and everything in between, marketing is no easy task.Having psychic powers to predict the future of the market would definitely come in handy, but tried and true advice from successful marketers is the next best thing.
 There is more powerful marketing potential packed into Google+ than just about anywhere else on the web. Marketers who write Google+ off as just another complex and convoluted social network with limited marketing potential are misinformed.Second in size to Facebook as a social network, Google+ has one clear advantage over Facebook and many not so well-known benefits — the ability to readily leverage the world’s largest search engine, being one of them.

Best marketing techniques and insights

 I’ll never forget when I first got started in SEO in 2008. I manufactured a lead by responding to an ad on Craigslist, went and had a meeting with him, and sold him on a $1,750/month SEO contract.It was my first one ever. I thought I was going to be off to the races.Though it didn’t quite happen as fast as I would have hoped, eventually, I was up to around 10 campaigns. I had another person helping me by then, but things were getting confusing.
This Halloween, Americans will spend nearly $7.5 billion on costumes, candy and decorations, which comes to roughly $77.52 per person. Much of that money will have some connection to the digital realm, with 34 percent of shoppers this Halloween using search engines to find inspiration and one in five making a purchase online according to the National Retailer Federation.For marketers, these statistics should signal one thing: huge opportunity.
Many businesses are not taking advantage of Pinterest. Or, at least not as fully as they could. The goal of this article is to help ease you into Pinterest content marketing. I’ll help you get past the initial trial and error, and help you drive interest in your Pinterest business account!
While you might be doing an outstanding job of utilizing social platforms for “traditional” marketing messages, how well are you taking advantage of it for delivering outstanding customer service?Far too many businesses are missing the mark today — or not even aiming at all. And, in so doing, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to serious reputation management issues.
Some rely on Twitter as their main source of news; others check their overnight followers before they’ve even finished their Cornflakes in the morning. Whatever way you look at it, social media is fast encroaching into every part of our lives.Never one to miss out, Twitter has taken this trend one step further by introducing a new “Buy” button to its list of features. Currently in the testing phase, the move is apparently one to bolster its position as an e-commerce platform.