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These days, you would be incredibly hard pressed to find any person whose life has not been touched at all by the effects of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others all have worked their way into the collective psyche of our culture to the point that many younger people couldn’t even imagine a life in which their best friend’s life story was not a click or a finger swipe away.
Professional digital marketers run into it all the time. The web development company that “does SEO.” The in-house marketing manager or small business owner who “sets up some PPC campaigns.”Now, they’ve come to us to find out what’s gone wrong.Of course, this is frequently followed by shock and awe that we would suggest their web presence requires (and deserves!) a healthy monthly investment in the range of thousands of dollars. We never hear from many of them again.
Don will join SEMrush on March 12 for a free webinar, “5 Questions That Will Transform Your Content Marketing Overnight." Learn more about the webinar after the jump!Every day I run into awesome companies that create or use technologies to help their clients. They are amazing at web design, web development, search engine optimization, app development and social media, but fail to clearly market themselves as problem-solvers for businesses and individual users.
Amel will join SEMrush on March 4 for a free webinar,"How to Increase Your Website Revenue Using a Data-Driven SEO Campaign." Learn more about the webinar after the jump!“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.” - H.
Guess what? We have a group of people coming into money that many of us may not even be considering yet. But guess what else? They’ve graduated college, have found or are trying to find jobs, and …  they have money to spend now and more into the future. While Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y have aged, our baby boomlet of Millennials are coming into their own in the U. S. and in many other parts of the globe as well.

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If you’re like me, you often find yourself in a jam where you're in need of advice in a hurry. When this happens, I often rely on crowdsourcing to solve the issue.There’s no shame with leaning on your peers for help. Whether you’re working on a business presentation and are hung-up on a slide, need a quick quote for this week's blog post or simply have a pressing question about your day-to-day work — we've all been there.
Nicole will join SEMrush on February 10 for a free webinar, "Inbound Marketing: The New SEO Lifecycle." One lucky webinar attendee will be selected to win a FREE one-hour inbound marketing consultation and strategy map with Nicole and her team (a $500 value!). Learn more about the webinar after the jump!The digital age has created a buyer’s market. Even your marketing is on-demand: consumers are in control of what they see and hear.Don’t believe me.
As a young marketer navigating the digital landscape, I love frameworks. Not only do they help me plan and prioritize, but they help me visualize how everything I’m working on fits together.No, I won’t be talking about (and I’m looking at you, classically trained marketers) the 4Ps, Porter’s 5 forces, or SWOT analyses. Sure, those frameworks have their place, but they don’t provide much direction for startups looking to focus their energy on growth. Plus, they’re getting pretty old.
If you haven’t read Part I of this series, this entry is only going to make half sense, so I would highly recommend that you read it. In our first installment, we discussed the importance of making data driven decisions in both your Fantasy Football management and your marketing mix. We reviewed how the theories behind statistical significance will impact your advertising decisions for search, display and remarketing.
This article is designed to give marketers the correct perspective and provide practical instruction on how to run tests on search ads, display ads, remarketing, content marketing and customer retention marketing.Ready? Let's go!