Do you want to spice up your advertising game and make your ads more effective? During the most recent #SEMrushchat, we collected a list of actionable techniques for crafting successful Facebook ads and ensuring you spend your advertising budget wisely.
In anticipation of all Hallow‘s Eve, we decided to talk about the type of nightmares that all business‘s have — from empty sales funnels, to no brand loyalty, and other spooky things
As marketers try to always improve their KPIs they are grossly overlooking what is fact and what is blind luck. Sadly these false statistics get in the way of finding out the real truth about how our efforts are the cause of performance goals. Find out how to separate facts from misleading correlations. We have all subconsciously manipulated numbers to show improvement.
If you want to start working with influencers, you have to gain a better understanding of the current trends and the future predictions in influencer marketing. This knowledge is crucial as it helps you understand what you need to do and what you need to prepare for to succeed.
Georgi Todorov interviewed top experts to share their expertise on how to do Influencer Marketing with $1000 or less. Learn how Sam Hurley, Shane Barker, John Rampton, Lilach Bullock, Tim Soulo, Sujan Patel and more would spend $1000 for Influencer Marketing.

Best marketing techniques and insights

Despite their great potential for engagement, 52% of mobile app users find push notifications annoying rather than helpful. Learn how to create effective notifications and reach your target audience.
Learn about the typography evolution, how a specific font conveys a particular emotion and how to select the best font for email.
Marketing effectively to Millennials is not a simple task because they are looking for things completely different than the generation before them. Let‘s look at what works with Millennials, from testimonials to marketing experiences instead of products
How do you feel when you start a new job? Anxious, right?That’s why good employers offer some sort of formal onboarding process for new employees. This way, new employees can get a better feel for what they are getting into and set their expectations accordingly.
Remarketing is the process of bringing previous visitors back to your website to finish the conversion process – otherwise known in B2B as filling out a form. Research shows remarketing converts up to 50% more traffic than search campaigns, which subsequently converts only 2% of users. Here are 3 things to consider when optimizing your B2B remarketing campaigns.