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On September 13, 2016, Google announced an extension to the deadline to test, iterate and transition from standard text ads to extended text ads (or ETAs). Here is a guide I wrote with some steps and tips to make the most of extended text ads.
A Social Media Case Study by SEMrush of the advertising campaign with Instagram celebrity Gianluca Vacchi for Bank of Georgia. In just two days after the launch, their campaign went absolutely viral across the web, reaching over 2 million views in no time!
To improve your keyword research strategy in the upcoming year, check out the following recap of our SEMrush Chat. Our chat guests discussed how to master various keyword research challenges in 2017.
What aspects of graphic web design does Google measure? How will future developments to artificial intelligence change SEO? How can you optimize your site for 2017 and improve your SEO with an inspirational website design?
Developing a successful marketing campaign is not always easy during the holiday season. Marketers, especially franchise marketers, can use this energy to target a local audience. This is really the time of year to get creative with local campaigns and think outside of the box.

Best marketing techniques and insights

Appearing as a Google Answer in what is commonly referred to as position zero can be a great way to leapfrog your competitors to the top of the SERPs, and capture as much traffic as possible. Kevin Gibbons shared a go-to actionable plan that you can use to get started with using SEMrush to help you get your content featured on Google Answer boxes too.
Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as business books portray. Here are 5 important lessons that I‘ve learned from experience as a startup entrepreneur that you can take with you in the new year.
To help you plan your must-visit marketing events calendar in 2017, we’ve asked experts from many different countries to give advice on local events that are absolutely worth visiting.
We invited Nathan Hague to our SEMrush Chat. Nathan is a software and YouTube marketing expert, and the director of AustraliaWOW!. He and our other chat participants shared great insights into YouTube video optimization.  
Holiday Email Marketing Look Book to boost your ecommerce sales this holiday season.