SEO Reality Show

Have you ever wished you were a fly on the wall to see in detail how marketing winners get the job done? Your wishes have come true. For a special SEO Reality Show, Semrush hired the best internet marketers to boost the business of real-world clients. We describe their tactics step-by-step, so you can easily repeat them and act like a pro. Follow the episodes of the Show below, repeat the steps outlined for your business and get more customers from the web!

Boosting Bakery’s SEO - 8 Steps


Case Studies

8 min read
Case Study: How an SEO Agency Helped an Artisan Bakery Increase Mobile Organic Traffic by 460%In our SEO Reality Show series, we’ve been sharing the individual steps a partner agency took to help an artisan bakery improve their search visibility, capture quality web traffic, and convert site visitors into customers. Seven months have now passed since they started this journey, so we created this case study to share some results and insights with you.
Anna KocheguraJan 26, 2022
How an Agency Improved a Bakery's Local SEO to Increase Online Visibility
How an Agency Optimized a Local Bakery’s Home Page with Meta Tags
How to Create an Impactful Website Homepage for an Artisan Bakery
SEO Audit to Boost Visibility

Bakery’s Blog Creation and Optimization

Built a Keyword-Targeted Content Strategy
How an Agency Helped a Bakery Choose an Impactful Blog Theme


6 min read
How an Agency Created an Effective Technical Content Brief for a Bakery ClientAs a part of our SEO Reality Show series, we keep telling you our story of how one SEO agency is developing a blog for their bakery client from Florida. The agency has already chosen the list of impactful topics and a website content plan. Now it’s time to create content! In this blog post, we’ll show you the example of preparing a technical content brief for the article topic “How to make a Cuban sandwich.
Anna KocheguraOct 27, 2021