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Paid advertising is a fast yet effective way to bring relevant traffic to your website. Explore our PPC articles and discover actionable guidelines, checklists and case studies from PPC practitioners to help you go through the most important stages of planning, managing and evaluating a PPC campaign.

The desktop is dead, the leaderboard is the king: SEMrush has conducted its first display advertising study pulling together information on over 2 billion impressions. As a result, we identified several interesting trends and patterns that will help advertising specialists make more data-driven decisions in their upcoming GDN campaigns.
Ad fraud is something digital marketers must contend with, but many don‘t know how to fight back. Learn more about how ad fraud works and steps to prevent it.
Ranking with traditional SEO techniques alone takes a lot of time. Getting to the top spots for your keywords can take 3-6 months and even longer sometimes. So what can you do in the meantime? I have some tips and tricks for you!
If outside sources of traffic consistently bring in great customers, let‘s utilize PPC to get more of them. This blog will show you how to use your referral sources in Google Analytics to build Display campaigns targeting new and relevant users.
Early next year, Google will shake up the online advertising world with the introduction of its newest version of Chrome. The biggest change to Chrome, which is the world’s most popular web browser, is that it will begin blocking ads on websites that are determined by Google to be overly intrusive or annoying to a user’s online experience. Here is what you need to know...

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Want to know more about PPC? Industry experts share their insight across a range of different PPC articles on a number of subjects.

We‘ve analyzed Australia‘s top online retailers and summarized 10 winning techniques they use to create effective ad copies that convert strangers into customers. Plus, we‘ll teach you how to automate ad copy creation (without losing quality).
Most AdWords strategies start (and often end) with a focus on keywords, ad copy and basic budgeting.The most profitable AdWords campaigns go further, combining customer insight with intelligent targeting, design and scheduling to maximise opportunity and minimise wasted clicks.
AdWords script for excluding children‘s channels.
Public holidays and special occasions are always a good reason to launch an advertising campaign and drive relevant traffic to your website. In this guide, we’ll share with you some useful ideas on how to build a powerful keyword list for a thematic PPC campaign and walk you through all the important stages of keyword research, using SEMrush tools.
Are you looking for useful and top end PPC tips? Stop looking for and go on reading. PPC campaigns, when executed in a smart way, can significantly boost your traffic and sales and do so quickly. The challenge is to make your targeted audience notice your message among tons of other proposals and then convince them to click on it.

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