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Paid advertising is a fast yet effective way to bring relevant traffic to your website. Explore our PPC articles and discover actionable guidelines, checklists and case studies from PPC practitioners to help you go through the most important stages of planning, managing and evaluating a PPC campaign.

When it comes to PPC automation, there are several tactics that you can conquer yourself. There are achievable and actionable steps you can take to create a successful PPC automation process. That’s why KlientBoost and SEMrush have partnered up to bring you these six PPC automation ideas, so you can start to see better results using less time and energy.
In the search for a method that delivers genuine consumer engagement, brands are beginning to turn to native ads on social media — in feed ad units that match the look and feel of the platform housing them. This approach, when combined with native initiatives elsewhere on the web, actually outpaces standard display advertising by a healthy margin.
Not every business manages to win 1 million users and grow its toolkit tenfold. For SEMrush these two pivotal milestones were achieved in 2016. This was a truly remarkable year for us. However, there’s one more important number we can’t help but share with you. Throughout 2016, 100 important updates have been released, which makes us confident that SEMrush is now an all-encompassing marketing suite.
Which day gets more attention from search? Cyber Monday or Black Friday? Using SEMrush data, we compared three major retailers and three major ecommerce sites to see how Black Friday and Cyber Monday are targeted with SEO, PPC and PLAs.
We asked the SEMrush PPC team to share its 15-piece toolkit that can be useful for all the paid traffic specialists who work in a never-ending circle “plan - implement - analyze”.

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In this SEMrush Chat recap, you’ll find several smart remarketing strategies for targeting users who were already interested in your product or service. We were excited to have Arnout Hellemans as our special guest.
The Google Display Network (GDN) is one of two Google AdWords networks which allow businesses to place display advertisements on a vast amount of sites across the web. Although this is a passive form of advertising, compared to the Google’s Search Network, the company estimates that GDN involves more than 90% of the internet users – but there‘s a problem.
The SEMrush Paid Traffic team managed to increase profits from non-branded PPC campaigns by 94%. We tried to find out what actions led the team to this result. In this post, we‘re going to talk about landing pages. Experimenting with landing pages is part of our daily routine, and here’s how we make sure that spending time on split tests is worthwhile.
Are you getting what you pay for from your Facebook campaigns? Click here to find out how to check.
We held five in-depth interviews with members of our PPC team to find out how did they increase revenue from non-branded pay-per-click campaigns by 94%. The first part of our case study is dedicated to big data analysis. This is the second chapter of our case study in which we will guide you through the best practices of our keywords strategy.

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