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Paid advertising is a fast yet effective way to bring relevant traffic to your website. Explore our PPC articles and discover actionable guidelines, checklists and case studies from PPC practitioners to help you go through the most important stages of planning, managing and evaluating a PPC campaign.

As people migrate more of their day-to-day interactions to smart devices, publishers won’t be able to exist without mobile. Success revolves around being able to deliver responsive experiences on everything from smartphone screens to Apple Watches to devices that haven’t yet been developed. You want to provide a seamless experience, whether a customer is on her smartphone or laptop – which is why having the best possible backbone of technology is critical.
One of the most popular forms of pay-per-click is search engine advertising, and Google AdWords is the most popular PPC advertising system. It allows advertisers to bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their target market. In our latest SEMrush Chat, we discussed different aspects that we all hate about PPC. Many experts, including PPC specialists, joined our discussion and shared their thoughts.
You know that retargeting works, but not for everyone. Tom Bukevicius will go through, point-by-point how to make it work for you.
PPC managers need to have a wide range of skills to succeed from being analytical to creative. If you are looking to hire a PPC specialist, these are the ten skills to look for in a candidate.
For the past five years, companies have hired me to come in and review their internal digital marketing efforts. I refer to these as audits, because I am essentially auditing their work. In the last 20 audits I have conducted on the work of internal teams, I have noticed none of them have even considered using income tiers in their AdWords.

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Want to know more about PPC? Industry experts share their insight across a range of different PPC articles on a number of subjects.

How has keyword research changed? What should website owners and SEOs do to benefit from keywords in 2016? To find out, in our latest SEMrush Chat, we discussed keyword research and its trends in 2016 with Per Pettersson, digital strategist, search marketing and analytics expert and consultant.
After visiting your website, most consumers browse, check out the competition, and then weigh all of their options before making a purchase. If attention spans were longer (and purchase processes shorter), this wouldn’t be such a problem. But with so many messages and so much information bombarding today’s audiences, it’s easy to see how they can become distracted. How can you make it work?
Defeating ad fraud won’t be easy for the digital media industry, but marketers, publishers and industry associations are coming together to battle. In an effort to combat growing fraud, the industry spotlighted the issue this year during its 2016 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, The Next $50 Billion. It’s an exciting topic, and IAB’s forward-looking conference gave me hope that we’ll unite to defeat the fraud that affects us all.
Google identifies them as the “I want ­to ­know,” “I want ­to ­go,” “I want­ to ­do,” and “I want­ to ­buy” moments. These describe the moments you search for something on Google – no matter what it is.During one of your recent searches, you may have noticed that the text ads, which used to appear to the right of the search results, are no longer there. Google has eliminated these ads, instead adding a fourth ad above the results for "highly commercial queries.
In 2015 I made it a goal to build a comprehensive learning course on Udemy. The course was intended to teach individuals how to setup and manage an AdWords account professionally and has turned out so well that my business partner Jason Hawkins is in the process of building a second one for local SEO strategies.

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