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Paid advertising is a fast yet effective way to bring relevant traffic to your website. Explore our PPC articles and discover actionable guidelines, checklists and case studies from PPC practitioners to help you go through the most important stages of planning, managing and evaluating a PPC campaign.

Perhaps one of the greatest trepidations of any PPC strategist is that brand CPCs on core brand terms will start to increase and then stay on that path, rising with time. Above is an example of exactly such an increase, where the exact match of a client’s core brand term has been steadily on the rise since 2014.The impact of such an increase in brand CPCs on a PPC account is immediate and dramatic. With a 25% increase in CPCs comes a 25% increase in cost, just like that.
So Google has done away with the right-hand side ads. Just like that.Probably the most interesting and somewhat shocking news to come from the Google AdWords camp in recent years has hit the forums, and is doing the rounds over social media. It’s been in the pipeline for a while now, and has been looming over many pay per click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists for quite some time.Well firstly, try to stay calm. All is not lost. This isn’t the end.
The Google AdWords iOS app was officially introduced to global audiences on January 28. The app is ideal for PPC managers that need to manage AdWords campaigns on the move. This is a guide on how to use the Google AdWords iOS app.You will need to download the app from the App store and then sign in using the AdWords account login details.
Working at Google had its perks. I can‘t think of many companies where where you can eat a free lunch, get a free massage and practice your backswing in a private golf simulator all before your 1:00pm client phone call.Now, this is going to sound a little dorky, but the greatest perk Google offered me was the chance to work directly with thousands of advertisers in every shape, size and skill set you could imagine.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced PPC manager, there are resources to assist and continue learning pay per click advertising. These are the essential resources for PPC managers.TrainingWordStream PPC UniversityWordStream‘s PPC University teaches basic to more advanced skills such as remarketing. The university is live on the WordStream website, but if you prefer to learn on the move, there is also an app.

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Last week we shared the secrets of Amazon SEO, using music in marketing to Millennials, how SEMrush helped one man launch a successful PPC agency and more!Did you miss any of our best content last week? Catch up! More below the jump.
You may already know SEMrush rocks.Most marketers have either heard of it or use it every day.But I have more to thank SEMrush for than just search results data. SEMrush was the first tool I bought when I was a broke freelancer. It‘s helped me build a successful marketing business in less than a year.I landed my first clients as a direct result of SEMrush‘s keyword data. SEMrush gives me in-depth insights about a prospect‘s website.
PPC audits are essential for maintaining and optimizing your Bing Ads and Google AdWords accounts. It is recommended that you conduct an audit every six months or every time you start managing a new account to ensure every account is optimized to its full potential. An audit should not be conducted within three months of making significant changes. Every PPC audit should include at least three months' worth of PPC data.
As a young teen, I found myself homeless. My own stupidity, and no fault of my parents. I was determined to make it on my own, and that was that. I lived under a bridge at a park in a small town called Elmira, Ontario and spent most of my time around school hanging at a bar called the Steddick.Many of the regulars came to view me as a bit of a fixture hiding in the games area, and frequently challenged me to a game of pool. I discovered quickly that I was actually a bit of a natural at the game.
Beer and PPC. Two of my favorite things in this world. With some brief thinking, it was easy to compare the two worlds. Both the brewing and PPC campaign creation process are delicate procedures. Both processes follow a plan of execution, and one small mistake in either of the plans could mean horrible results.This light-hearted blog will take a look at how a good beer and PPC campaigns more related than we think.

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