SEO 101

Header Tags and H1 Tags

SEO 101

7 min read
How to Use Header Tags and H1 Tags for SEOHeader tags and H1 tags make webpage content more user-friendly and are part of basic SEO best practices. There are different types of header tags, categorized by numbers, from H1 to H6. Each header serves a different purpose, giving search engine crawlers like Googlebot valuable information about that page. This guide focuses on how to use H1 tags to improve your SEO results.
Connor LaheyMay 31, 2021
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Meta keywords guide

SEO 101

5 min read

Meta Keywords: Should You Use Them?

Why are we still talking about meta keywords in 2020? Find out in this article. While major US search engines choose not to use them, it appears others are still making use of the tag. Find out what you need to know in this quick and informative guide.
Bill SlawskiJul 09, 2020
Submitting a site to Google
Robots.txt guide

SEO 101

13 min read

A Beginners Guide to Robots.txt: Everything You Need To Know

A robots.txt file is an important and easy way to improve your websites fortunes. This tiny, simple file is attached to every website on the Internet, but most people don’t even know about it and if they do, they are unaware of its potential. Designed to work with search engines, it is an excellent way of unlocking some of those SEO signals that your website needs to perform at its very best.
Colin CraigApr 17, 2020
Beginner guide google penalty

SEO 101

8 min read

The Beginner's Guide to Identifying and Recovering from a Google Penalty

Getting started in the SEO industry can be incredibly overwhelming. It‘s easy to get lost when you are constantly flooded with information using terms like Penguin, Panda, and Fred. In this article, I will teach you about getting started with identifying Google penalties and how to move forward with the clean-up process to get your SEO efforts back on track.
Jesse McDonaldJan 30, 2018
SEO 101: 3 Ways To Break into the SEO Scene

SEO 101

6 min read

SEO 101: 3 Ways To Break into the SEO Scene

It‘s not enough anymore just to write articles and post them on your site. SEO has taken over the digital world and it‘s not going anywhere anytime soon, which means there will always be a demand for SEO writers and experts. If you love to write and know a thing or two about SEO, becoming a writer about SEO and for SEO purposes seems like a no brainer.
Michael HernandezAug 26, 2015
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