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Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. On this page you'll find top SEO articles built for industry experts by industry experts. Covering all the hot SEO topics of the moment, explore our news, views and in-depth studies.

Building a new SEO strategy never starts out of the blue. Planning begins with looking at your competitors in organic and referral traffic. Learn how to do it in a fast and simple way.
In this interview with 20 highly experienced SEO professionals, you will find out how they would start their careers from scratch in 2018, what they think are the most important skills for the future success and how they educate themselves and keep up with the constant updates in the industry of search engine optimization.
Most apartment marketing professionals have a hyper-local focus to their business. They‘re trying to rent properties in a specific community, neighborhood or city. Trouble is, many have no idea where to start. In this article, find out how to strengthen your local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and put a full marketing strategy into place.
Have a Shopify website? Did you know that users expect certain things, like fast load times, and if you don‘t meet those expectations, they will leave your site? Here are the 9 ways you can speed up your Shopify store for your mobile and desktop customers to grow conversions and sales.
Mobile has made a tremendous impact across the globe: 5.1 billion unique people now own a smartphone and the largest technology firms are developing their platforms with a mobile-first future in mind. In this post I‘ll review the financial benefits of desktop traffic relative to mobile traffic and attempt to clarify how a mobile-first approach to Google search will affect you.

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

Setting up Custom Alerts within Google Analytics is a quick and easy way to keep tabs on any potential onsite issues which might impact your clients organic search performance and web revenue. Discover 6 essential Google Analytics Custom Alerts that SEO and Web Agencies can use to make their lives easier!
In last week’s #SEMrushchat, we discussed all things local SEO with Geek Powered Studio’s director of SEO, Jesse McDonald, including strategies to improve your site’s local SEO and how to stay in the race on a limited budget. Check out what Jesse and our other chat participants had to say in this recap.
Are you hoping the right kind of SEO clients will come to you? The process is really simple, as I will reveal in this article. It is exactly how I got started as an SEO consultant - with no contacts or connections, with no marketing budget or assets, without even having to pick up the phone and call prospects to drum up fresh business. Read on to find out more.
Oh look another outreach email, how exciting...said no one in 2018. We‘re reaching the point where most webmasters are completely fed up with outreach, so it‘s time to get creative and look for unique opportunities. Building links like a business networker is one strategy that‘s worked for us recently.
Whatever new ways of increasing websites’ visibility come out, link building isn‘t going away anytime soon. To reveal the outreach strategies and content types that specialists from different areas of digital marketing choose to achieve their link building goals, SEMrush surveyed over 500 SEO and digital marketing professionals.

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

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