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SEO is often called the backbone of any digital marketing activity. In this category you can find useful and interesting articles on Search Engine Optimization written by experts for experts.

What’s the current state of link building? It turns out it’s still alive and kicking! Naturally, the question then becomes how do SEOs build links these days? To answer that question, my team and I recently created a brand new industry survey. We polled 628 SEO experts to learn about the link building methods that work best for them. Key fundings are summarized in this article.
Proper keyword research is still one of the most valuable activities in search marketing. To help you learn how to do an effective keyword research for SEO, we invited Stoney deGeyter, to our SEMrush Chat. He and our other chat guests gave us some great suggestions.
Which website issues do you really need to focus on first? We‘ve collected anonymous data on 100,000 websites and 450 million pages using the SEMrush Site Audit tool to determine the most common on-site technical and SEO mistakes and issues.
I will cover 5 potentially unknown features in Google Analytics, how to use them, examples, and my personal opinion on their limitations. This won’t be a completely comprehensive post but is meant to open the door for discussion or potential use cases.
SERP features, especially Featured Snippets are the focal point of many SEOs. Let’s look at how the SEMrush toolkit can assist you on the path to achieving SERP features, and how you can keep an eye on your competitors.

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SEO experts share their knowledge in different fields of Search Engine Optimization

With travel season in full swing, SEMrush decided to collect and analyze search engine query and web traffic data to figure out what destinations travelers are looking for and which websites are attracting the greatest number of users. Check out what we found! We have some great insights for digital marketers.
Our latest SEMrush Chat was special because we dedicated it to some big changes to our Backlink Audit Tool. Recently SEMrush and Majestic combined forces to increase the scope of links that users are auditing. During the chat, our special guest Dixon Jones from Majestic and our other chat participants discussed the successful link building workflow.
Sometimes SEO and Affiliate Marketing tactics are put against each other when determining poor campaign performance. Instead of doing this, see the different types of tactics and approach you can use for the perfect balance.
Google is pushing hard the AMP project hard. If you want to stay competitive in mobile search results, it is important you consider adding an AMP version of your website. This may seem daunting, but if you are a WordPress user, there are easy options. Find out why you should consider adding AMP to your WordPress website, what plugin to use, and how to validate your AMP for a smooth transition.
We’re happy inform you that recently SEMrush and Majestic decided to join forces to provide link builders with a way to conduct a fast and comprehensive analysis of the whole scope of a website’s backlinks. From now on you can connect Majestic’s API data to our Backlink Audit Tool in one click. Let’s see how will you benefit from this collaboration.

Expand your knowledge

SEO experts share their knowledge in different fields of Search Engine Optimization

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