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Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. On this page you'll find top SEO articles built for industry experts by industry experts. Covering all the hot SEO topics of the moment, explore our news, views and in-depth studies.

Digital marketing is a culture of success. It is a culture where we all strive to hit monthly goals and write boastful guest blogs about the time we totally rocked a client’s socks off. It is a culture that “Asks you to judge us not by our winners, but our losers, because we have so few,” to paraphrase Jordan Belfort in "Wolf of Wall Street."But the world of SEO is one where you are constantly walking a knife’s edge.
In my experience, SEOs are split into two camps. The first camp is excited about finding new tools and staying on the cutting edge by learning about each one. The second camp sticks with a core set of time-honored tools, only looking for new ones when their current set can no longer accomplish what they need, or a new tool clearly makes theirs obsolete.As a staunch member of that second camp, I’ve become very adept at using Google Search as a go-to tool for evaluating websites.
Higher Rankings! Those are very tempting words, right?But it’s not a piece of cake. Higher rankings require effort. The Google cold war of trying to reach the top cannot be underrated due to the increasing trend of monetization of search results. Staying in the top requires perfection (or at least being better than your competitors).You won’t make it to the top just because you think you deserve it. Google is smart enough to make that decision for you.
I'm going to be honest, I needed a very good excuse to write another post about the future of search, as it’s likely you’re aware there are already a few out there. I mean, it’s not exactly the most discussed topic in search (“Is SEO dead yet?”), but it’s acquired a fair bit of digital real estate.Part of the reason that I wanted to discuss this extensive topic is because of an article I came across earlier this month by Emily Grossman at Search Engine Land.
If you've ever taken a business class, you're probably familiar with the SWOT analysis.HBO's Emmy-Nominated Silicon Valley recently aired an episode in which a SWOT analysis is used by two of the main characters to (almost) come to a decision – with hilarious, but cringe-worthy results. (Warning: Link contains spoilers and some NSFW language.)

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

It seems like the lines between marketing departments blur a little more each day.There’s always a new development that weaves the best practices here with the strategies over there, or the developments in one area with the established tactics in another…Modern marketers must understand these overlaps and how they affect their daily tasks. In my experience, SEO professionals and content marketers deal with this the most.
If you run a small or new website, one thing you will always struggle with is the crawl rate within Google. If you add your 10 page website to Google with a few targeted keywords within the title tags and some cleverly placed variations within the content, you’re going to rank well, right? Well, that’s not always the case.You may get the initial crawl from the many spiders out there, followed by being indexed for your own brand term within the SERPS which is great. But then what.
When it comes down to getting your business recognized, you have to establish your presence and put the necessary steps in motion to establish your credibility and future success. The way you establish yourself online is through your SEO strategy. In order to build a successful SEO strategy, you need to focus on one thing: Keywords.By focusing on certain keywords you would like to rank for organically, you are telling your audience you are knowledgeable in that area.
When it comes to traffic to a business website, quality beats quantity. It is therefore important that you don’t lose focus on targeted web traffic, even as you engage in a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.Here are several tips that will help increase the conversion rate of your business’ website.
Join Eric Van Buskirk for his SEMrush webinar on July 8, "Beyond Keyword Research: Deep Data Dives with SEMrush API Modules." Sign up today!If you are optimizing a web page for one or two keywords, you missed the news about the Hummingbird algorithm that affected 90% of all web pages. Furthermore, compared to three years ago, Google now ranks far more keywords from one contextually strong page than from many smaller pages versus.

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

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