Search engine optimization is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. From SEO basics to keyword research to link building, we’ll cover everything you need to know to craft an organic search strategy for your website.
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Get 55+ tools to improve your SEO, content marketing and competitive research
Get 55+ tools to improve your SEO, content marketing and competitive research
Authority SEO
Protecting No.1 Ranking


8 min read

How to Protect Your Position When You Rank 1st in SEO

After running experiments over the past 6 months trying to protect high-traffic #1 positions for clients, I created a process that has kept me several steps ahead of my competitors. I am going to tell you the steps to follow to protect your rankings; I call it the Top-Spot Security Plan. Learn how to rank 1st in SEO by reading this guide.
Hunter BranchNov 20, 2020
Data Science and SEO


14 min read

How to Use Data Science to Improve SEO

Optimizing a website for search traffic is not a simple task. It usually takes a long time to see results from search engine optimization campaigns. Also, Google’s algorithm is very unpredictable. As a result, sometimes SEO involves a lot of guesswork. The more information you possess, the better results you’ll see from your SEO strategies.
Liza VoronkovaOct 19, 2020
Infographic Marketing for SEO


5 min read

12 Reasons Why Infographics Still Matter in SEO

Over the last few years, Infographics have gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, especially on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Despite what some naysayers have stated about infographics, they continue to be a popular medium to spread awareness about your business and increase social shares.
Anant PatelSep 04, 2020
Mobile App Content
Top 10 SEO Tasks


15 min read

The Top 10 SEO Tasks You Shouldn't Be Ignoring [Step-by-Step Guide]

Ranking on Google has never been harder. The competition gets tougher each year as more websites rush to claim their spot on the results page. It‘s exactly because of this growing competition that you need to take advantage of every hack and tool you can find. In this post, I go into detail on ten often ignored tasks that will boost your rankings.
Lenny JohnsonApr 02, 2020