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Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. On this page you'll find top SEO articles built for industry experts by industry experts. Covering all the hot SEO topics of the moment, explore our news, views and in-depth studies.

Ever since I became involved in the SEO industry, my focus has always been on content. I didn’t come to the industry from a communication background (although I’ve always loved reading and writing), and didn’t hear SEO ‘gurus’ or ‘masters’ all saying that you need to focus purely on great quality content (in fact, it was usually the opposite — huge volumes of backlinks are good, mmkay!).Yet I’ve always had this belief that content plays a vital role in SEO.
Every local business needs a local SEO strategy. Do you have tested local SEO techniques in place for your local business? If you’re not, you’re not alone. Most of the local businesses that I meet with in a given month have not thought about their mobile SEO strategy let alone their local SEO strategy.SEO is a pretty complicated beast.
The technical side of SEO is something that I always find interesting and am always learning more and more about. Recently as SEO has developed, following Google’s Algorithmic developments, the technical side of SEO has become a much more important area of focus. You can tick all the On-Page SEO Checklist boxes and have the most natural and authoritative link profile but compromising on the technical areas of your sites SEO strategy can render all that effort useless.
The first step to ranking in search engines is to have a webpage that is optimized with great SEO practices. Building your webpage to be SEO-friendly is an art and that is why we want to provide you with this in-depth look at the anatomy of a perfect SEO page from head to toe. You see what I did there?The basis of this article centers around being able to rank higher in search engines, and to do that, you have to pick the correct keywords to rank.
Not everyone has the technical knowledge necessary to properly optimize WordPress. When thinking about search engine optimization, it seems like the rules keep changing every few months. With this in mind, many new blog owners have no idea what to do. Many of the tutorials online will tell you contradictory things, so who can you trust?While there are so many mistakes that can negatively impact your on-page SEO (and even your off-page SEO), some are much more common than others.

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Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

Great content ideas can come out of nowhere – in the shower, while you’re out jogging, watching the TV – but having flashes of inspiration isn’t really a solid content marketing strategy.To make content marketing work and produce positive SEO results, the key is consistently finding the right topics to write about, and that means having a proactive plan to find new ideas on a regular basis.
When entering a new market with a new website, you are chasing the best keywords for every single search.While building your list of the most relevant search terms, keep in mind: At this very moment, your competitors are doing the same! Moreover, your strongest online rivals have already ranked not only on the first page of a search engine results page, but in its top positions.Do you have any chance of overrunning your competition? Definitely, yes!Just be careful when choosing your keywords.
Many small business owners are aware of the importance of SEO marketing, but may wonder if it’s really worth the investment. While pleasing your readers is most important, optimizing that same content for search engines can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and bottom line. Here are a few suggestions to put those pesky algorithms to work for your business.
Before you even consider doing SEO, it's important to have a fundamental understanding of how search marketing works. For starters, it has a lot to do with keywords and I am sure you have all heard that term before. Keywords are basically just search queries; some search queries are popular like "insurance company" and others are not so popular like "business insurance agency in Hollywood, Florida.
Small business pages need to index for local search results and relevancy. Usually, a search engine user will look for a specific type of business and location, like “auto mechanic in Brooklyn.”However, users also search for answers to their problems while they have location search turned on. Imagine a user searching for “how do I fix a flat tire?” and getting a local search result for an auto mechanic offering towing services.This can happen for small businesses on a local level.

Expand Your Knowledge

Industry experts share their wealth of knowledge across a variety of different fields in our top SEO articles.

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