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SEO is often called the backbone of any digital marketing activity. In this category you can find useful and interesting articles on Search Engine Optimization written by experts for experts.

 Link building is certainly not a static industry.Throughout the years link building has seen numerous shifts and changes. Strategies have changed as search engines have gotten better at detecting manipulative practices.The spammy and automated tactics that worked tremendously well in the past are no longer as effective today.
You know what grokking is, right? Grok is a term that Robert A. Heinlein used in his sci-fi classic, “Stranger in a Strange Land.“ For you non-sci-fi types, it means to really understand something so well that it becomes part of you, or vice versa. Here’s what Heinlein wrote:“Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed — to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience.”- Robert A.
 One of the most important parts of building strong links to a website is identifying authoritative and attainable link targets.For more seasoned SEO professionals, it's already obvious you want links from a website that has high domain authority, great usability and its own robust inbound links that are not in jeopardy of attracting a manual penalty from Google. However, what is often forgotten is that websites that link to your own need to be relevant.
 Search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms to remove unnecessary elements (e.g. links) caused by unnatural practices of SEOs and to provide better results for their users.Understanding how Google works, what they want to achieve and also learning from all patents could help you become a better marketer for your website or for your client’s website.Improving your site’s search ranking potential is not an easy thing to do.
Page titles. Check. Meta description. Check. Keywords. Check. Backlinks. Check.It is not easy to build a high performing website and get top rankings on all the search engines. Winning the SEO game is not just about enabling the search engines find your pages, but also ranking them at the top of the search results page.You can optimize your website to improve its performance in the SERPs, but this optimization requires continuous maintenance, testing and monitoring.

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The Google Pigeon update has reinforced that global brands must rethink their global SEO strategies to be competitive among local businesses in the countries they are targeting.Is it even possible to compete locally as a global brand? Of course it is. Although, you can’t do it without a good local SEO strategy.Now, the way to proceed depends on the type of global business.
I had to laugh at a recent Digital Third Coast (DTC) “Renegade Search” blog video. It was about an extortion email the company received. The letter writer — poor grammar and all — stated he or she would "do NEGATIVE SEO to (their) website by giving it 20,000 XRumer forum profile backlinks (permanent and mostly do follow) pointing directly to (their) website and hence (their) website will get penalised & knocked off the Google Search Engine Result Pages…” forever, no less.
Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to find new keywords in different languages than using automatic tools? Do you feel that a thorough analysis done by a native speaker can bring new opportunities for you?Not only will it offer new opportunities, but it can also save you a lot of cash as you can avoid targeting false positive keywords. Here are are seven tips for conducting cross-cultural keyword research.

Expand your knowledge

SEO experts share their knowledge in different fields of Search Engine Optimization

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