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Social Media

Social media marketing is a vital tool in boosting exposure, brand engagement and sales, and mastering it is harder than it looks. Discover the best tools, most effective strategies and a whole host of actionable tips with posts from industry experts designed to improve your social strategy.

We live in a virtual Times Square of media and messaging these days. Though most CMOs may not consider Snapchat to be a social media contender yet, they really should. With more than 100 million users viewing more than eight billion videos daily for an average of 30 minutes, Snapchat is the new marketing success story.
Despite all the doubts about social media’s direct impact on SEO efforts, one cannot deny that these two practices are tightly interwoven and share the same ultimate goal – attracting new users. In our latest #SEOcafe chat we discussed the best strategies for integrating SEO and social media, the main challenges, and the future of their relationship with our special guest Gabriella Sannino @SEOcopy, the Founder of Level343, global SEO consultant and strategist.
Most of you have already participated in our #semrushchat or at least have heard about it. Olga Andrienko and me have been the #semrushchat hosts for a year and a half, so I can say that we are Twitter Chat veterans by now. We saw thousands of tweets – smart, funny, helpful, ordinary, outstanding, long and short. And then we saw them again, and again, and again...
Facebook contests are a common way of promoting and elevating your brand through social media, and can be effective at expanding your reach and increasing your potential customer base. However, when you run a Facebook contest or sweepstakes (surprisingly, the exact term you use does matter), there are a number of legal pitfalls you need to be careful of.
Are you satisfied with the amount of revenues your business is earning? What are the best ways to continue increasing revenue in digital marketing?Assuming your business already has a website, you should optimize it properly to attract as much traffic through it as possible. You can always tweak your website a bit and go for on-page SEO to boost your traffic.
When I started working at SEMrush a year ago, I made a new Twitter handle and promptly began engaging influencers and participating in #semrushchat and other Twitter chats. It made a lot of sense: as a reflection of an established and respected brand, I wanted to present myself in the most professional manner possible. I assumed people wouldn't want to hear about all the nerdy stuff I do on the weekend, my #EditorProblems and my struggles with the characters who live in my fiction.I was wrong.
Some people drastically underestimate the continual, evolving impact of social media on sales. To determine whether social media works for you, you must examine social media’s potential in making a quantitative impact on sales.Hiring unqualified analysts may prove disastrous for e-commerce companies because their cliched strategies are unlikely to bring success.
Deadpool is everywhere.  The character has become a household name, spurred by the marketing efforts of Twentieth Century Fox over the past year, and the popularity of the film that was released two weeks ago. In that time, the film has shattered multiple records, grossing over $500 million at the box office, exceeding the studio’s expectations more than two-fold, and changing the landscape for R-rated films in Hollywood.
Everyone loves a great hashtag. Finding the right phrase for the right moment lets your business ride a wave of popularity without having to shell out big bucks for an entire campaign.Not just any phrase will do, of course. You can’t throw a “#” at the beginning of your product name and expect it to take off; you need to find something that resonates with your target audience.Why #GreatHashtags Work to Drive SalesHashtags can serve as a call to action to drive sales.
GIFs! They are starting to be used a lot more nowadays, not just for fun but also for increasing engagement and interacting with customers over social media.I recently published an article on how to publish GIFs on LinkedIn Pulse, but this blog post will cover that and also other platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.Before I go on about how to publish GIFs on social media, I'd just like to point out that GIFs are brilliant for increasing engagement.

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