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What is social media marketing? How to start your first social media campaign? How to use social media wisely to outperform your competitors? How to use benefits of social media to outfit your competitors? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your social media marketing: ideas for engaging posts, tool overviews, actionable tips from industry experts and a lot more.

Finally, the day we’ve all be waiting for: GIFs are now officially supported on Facebook to supplement regular images. While this is great news for lovers of cat GIFs, it can also be a big step for your social marketing campaign. They say video is the future of online marketing, and these animated images are the logical next step for marketers looking to make the leap. GIFs can be easy to consume, emotionally impactful, and eye-catching — and ideal tool for digital marketers.
Back when LinkedIn launched in 2003, they had a total of only 4,500 members in the network. It’s been 12 years, and the number of registered users on LinkedIn has grown to over 340,000,000!LinkedIn has often been viewed as a platform for professionals to connect and showcase their resumes. However, LinkedIn is much more than that.Google, Facebook and Bing all offer a unique way to target users.
If there’s one thing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) understand, it’s how to operate on a shoestring budget. And that’s what makes social media marketing seem like such a great outreach tool. After all, social media platforms are free to use for companies and customers alike. And the only cost involved is the time it takes to plan and implement a strategy.Yeah, right. If only it were that easy.
At first glance, the discussion of whether social signals impact SEO seems like an anarchic conversation, top heavy with opinions and absent of data. Many of these conversations started before seismic shifts within the SEO industry. Yes, Matt Cutts announced back in 2014 that Google does not factor in the number of likes or followers in their web ranking algorithm. However, in that same video, he leads with this statement:Black and white, right? Not really.
It is beyond doubt that social media is a powerful and important traffic source for bloggers, business-minded people and enterprises. However, you can get easily frustrated by such traffic since it could be quite inconsistent. Here are 7 creative ways to build traffic from social media.Periodic PostingYou’ll soon notice that new posts normally draw traffic from social media.
I’ve always been a fan of Twitter, but admittedly, I’ve often used it more on an ad hoc, semi-personal basis, rather than for any professional benefit.When I started Leighton back in November, however, I had a chat with my team about how we could improve the presence of the Leighton brand online. Known as a company based on establishing long-term partnerships, we wanted to take this to the next level, showcasing exactly how great Leighton are outside of our immediate circle.
Twitter chats are awesome! The whole idea of communities sharing their insights for the purpose of education and mutual success is simply brilliant. Participating in a Twitter chat offers a lot of opportunities for content distribution, reputation building and boosting one's visibility.In this post, we want to share with you ideas for how to benefit from a Twitter chat, how to make people remember you and, well, how not to screw it up.
Instagram is so hot right now.SourceIf you haven’t heard, Instagram is replacing Facebook in terms of organic reach and user engagement. Brands are shifting away from the Book, and focusing more towards the image-sharing network.Why is Instagram so successful? Because it allows brands to tell their stories through a series of pictures and videos. Tons of brands are successfully getting their message out there using it.
Why should you even set KPIs (key performance indicators)? Probably a fairly sensible question to ask every once in a while. I think it’s a question that too many people forget to consider often enough, with a sad majority setting the same old KPIs each time because they feel it’s ‘just the thing to do.'As an agency or an in-house team, it’s highly unlikely that someone’s engaged your services to ‘just do some things, at some point.
Images are extremely powerful in conveying messages in social media even with a single glance. Humans are visual creatures who easily gets drawn when looking at images, which is a crucial factor to succeed in social media marketing.In fact, a Facebook post accompanied with an image gets way more engagement than a plain text post.