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How to Use the Semrush Social Media Tool for Every Platform
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Social Media Content Types and Ideas

Social Media

10 min read

15 Social Media Content Types (with examples for ideas and inspiration)

Social media can be a powerful tool for both building and engaging with an audience. In fact, the reality is that those brands who are smashing it right now are using the right social media content to engage the right audience. But what content should you be creating? We explore 15 different social content types in this guide to help you grow your platform‘s effectiveness.
Connor LaheySep 14, 2020
Social media and SEO
How To Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Promote Your Business

Social Media

21 min read

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Promote Your Business

LinkedIn company pages were created with the intention of providing your business with a point of direct contact with your target audience, as well as the chance to make new connections, employees, and ultimately, new customers in most company’s cases. Find out how to create your own business page, promote your business, and engage with your audience.
Maria KalyadinaFeb 25, 2020