Social Media

What is social media marketing? How to start your first social media campaign? How to use social media wisely to outperform your competitors? How to use benefits of social media to outfit your competitors? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your social media marketing: ideas for engaging posts, tool overviews, actionable tips from industry experts and a lot more.

Publishing on LinkedIn used to be something only recognized industry influencers could do. Now, all professionals can publish at will via LinkedIn Pulse.LinkedIn's basic content management platform is a delightfully uncomplicated way to gain industry exposure, connect with professionals whose careers you admire, find leads and spark engaging conversations. Like any self-publishing tool, you should consider how you use it before you dive in.
Over the last decade, social media channels have sprouted out of nowhere and have since established themselves as important marketing channels for brands and businesses.The importance of social networks is growing continually and brings with it a big shift from one-to-many to many-to-many marketing.
With the explosion in use of digital and social media online, it’s not just brands getting in on the action with the end goal of reaching and engaging more Internet users. People like and you and me are waking up to the fact that we have the opportunity to create an impression through digital media that not only helps us in our careers, but also has added benefits for the company we run or work for.Building a compelling personal brand online is not something you can achieve instantly.
Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel like you need to be everywhere all at the same time? Do you start to wonder if anyone even cares about your tweets, posts and pins?Welcome to the new age of digital marketing.The good news is you’re not alone.
If you run a business, you know you need a website, but do you know how to best use your website to get the attention of potential clients or customers? If you find yourself focusing mostly on its look instead of its SEO content, you are probably selling yourself short when it comes to search engine optimization.If you lack relevant keyword-related content, search engines are not going to rank your website, which means no one will find you.
The relationship between social media and SEO has been a matter of dispute for a long time. Search engines claim that they do not consider social signals a ranking factor. However, an overlap of social media and SEO is evident; by using it in the right way, you may reap a lot of benefits.Let's take a look at several ways your social media strategy may affect your overall organic visibility and enhance your website rankings.
Not seeing the results you want from your Facebook ads? Then it’s probably time you looked a little more closely at the words you’ve been using in them.And while you don’t have to be a professional writer to create Facebook ads that convert, following the formula below will help your ads attract more attention and convince your target audience to perform the action(s) you desire.Let’s get started!(Side note: For this post, I am referring specifically to Desktop News Feed ad copy.
All social media platforms today are flooded with content; much more content is being produced than can be digested. Every moment, a user faces an overwhelming diversity of information and is constantly making choices: what to pay attention to and what to ignore. So you need to provide users with a really good reason to choose your post over others! It will take some time, effort and creativity to present your content in the best possible way.
Instagram can help you build and expand your brick and mortar business! Seriously, you can use the power of Instagram to increase sales in your physical store or space like I did in my retail business. Let’s talk about how I figured this out, how you can do it and a few success stories we can emulate or learn from.SueB.Do is a product line of preppy jewelry and accessories representing the beauty and character of Cape Cod.
Social media has been an increasingly important part of search engine optimization. Now there’s so much competition out there when it comes to promotional posts, it’s difficult to get your brand seen. Facebook has placed restrictions on how often business page posts are shown in fan feeds. LinkedIn is full of business-to-business advertising. Twitter, too, has become more competitive and thus, more restrictive when it comes to branded posts.