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What is social media marketing? How to start your first social media campaign? How to use social media wisely to outperform your competitors? How to use benefits of social media to outfit your competitors? Here you’ll find all the answers you need to improve your social media marketing: ideas for engaging posts, tool overviews, actionable tips from industry experts and a lot more.

During our recent SEMrush Chat, we discussed how to turn your online connections into offline business relationships. We were very excited to welcome Brian Fanzo, a keynote speaker, a podcast host, a social video expert and a digital marketing strategist.
Building trust on social media is quite similar to building credibility in the real world. You have to be accountable, transparent and authentic to build a strong brand on social media. This article is a simple guide for new businesses to build a reliable brand using insanely competitive social media platforms.
Employing outreach tactics for a well-executed social media development strategy.
To discuss advanced video marketing techniques for SEO and social, we invited Ryan Stewart, a digital marketing consultant, an SEO and video marketing expert, and the founder of WEBRIS and Laces Out, to our SEMrush Chat. Ryan and our other chat participants shared their experience and great insight into advanced video marketing.
Has the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them“ movie missed out on the prime opportunity to focus on what differences it can provide for audiences? Are they taking advantage of the Harry Potter brand? We take a look at their social media marketing practices and their top keywords to find out to find our answers. This is by no means a comprehensive analysis, but an insightful glance into their marketing tactics.
This article takes a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of “cross-posting” the same content across different social media channels.
Marketing - and brand engagement - is an opportunity to be as creative as you dare. Get inspired by these examples of brands that engaged their audience in a huge way.
Working as a social media manager or community manager can be rewarding, but our increasingly negative world, you can sometimes feel out of control. Here are some tips to regain the joy in your work!
If you‘re wondering about how to grow your audience on Snapchat, orchestrating a takeover can be one of the most efficient ways to reaching new followers. Even if you‘re unsure where to start, here‘s an excellent step-by-step guide to a smooth Snapchat takeover.
Instagram Ads are the on thing I recommend customers to try out if they haven’t yet. It is the one thing that works for tiny budgets of $5/day just as much as it works for Fortune 500 companies. Most businesses would rather invest in Facebook Ads but the thing is, Instagram is owned by Facebook and has the exact same targeting options that Facebook Ads have - at a much lower cost. This article shows how to generate results with Instagram Ads for as low as $0.01 cent per engagement.