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Clarity and Content: An SEMrush Podcast with Don Purdum

Tara M. Clapper
Clarity and Content: An SEMrush Podcast with Don Purdum

Marketing consultant and author Don Purdum advocates building your brand around your quality content. He recently visited us at the SEMrush office and joined us on a podcast about creating content with clarity and providing meaning to your digital community. We discuss content strategy, community building and even Google algorithms and the consequences of their awareness.

Don advises content creators to "be your own Google" to provide content that offers value to your community. If you're interested in learning how to focus your content and develop your own voice, we invite you to listen.

We address questions faced by many business owners, consultants and content creators hoping for more engagement in their online activities, such as:

  • What does your audience want to know and how do you find out what they're searching for?
  • How can you focus your online networking opportunities?
  • How do you have clarity and focus in your niche?
  • Which business relationships are worth nurturing and how do you know when to invest your time with engaged community members?
  • How do you decide where to focus your energies in terms of social media? How do you avoid social media burnout?
  • How long does it take to get results when you post consistent, high-quality content?

Interested in more wisdom from Don Purdum? View his website and listen to his podcast, view his SEMrush webinar about content marketing or read his posts here on the SEMrush blog.

We're also happy to address any questions you may have on focusing your content, balancing your time and more. Please leave your questions in the comments.

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Tara M. Clapper is Content Development Specialist at Express Writers and Senior Editor at The Geek Initiative, a website celebrating women in geek culture. Tara is a prolific content creator and an accomplished editor, having written and edited thousands of blog posts, small business websites, and other inbound marketing content through the course of her career. Tara enjoys blogging about SEO copywriting, content management, corporate culture, personal branding, networking and LinkedIn. She has over a decade of experience in digital publishing. Connect with her on Twitter @irishtara
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Michael Stricker
Don Purdum - you've earned quite the reputation for being so helpful and generous. Amazing to hear what others say about you! And now, you are also the first - to have a "Tweet This" quotation on the SEMrush blog. Good going!
Don Purdum
Thanks SEMrush for giving me a great opportunity to share with your audience! ~ Don Purdum
Kathleen Garvin
Don Purdum
Thanks for being our guest for the first SEMrush podcast! (What a distinction ;). I love the Blockbuster-Netflix story.
Don Purdum
Kathleen Garvin
The FIRST? Wow, that is an amazing distinction and thank you again!!!

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