Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap: A $169 Billion Opportunity

Yaniv Navot

Jan 20, 20171 min read
Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap

Already embedded in most aspects of our lives, the mobile phone is fundamentally changing how we shop.

The proof is in the holiday pudding. 2016 has been a record breaking year for mobile commerce with Black Friday and Cyber Monday each bringing in over $1 Billion of sales in the US.

Despite this growth in mobile e-commerce, the bulk of the opportunity is still ahead.

While 60% of online traffic comes from the small screen, mobile still accounts for only 16% of conversions.

Average order value on desktop is 50% greater than mobile and nearly 80% of items in mobile carts are abandoned.

Capitalizing on the vast opportunity in mobile web will be paramount to retailers’ success. By the end of 2017, analysts project that more than half of all e-commerce revenue will come from mobile devices totaling nearly $169 billion. Retailers who think mobile-first will be best positioned to adapt to the changing patterns of their shoppers while those who fail to serve engaging mobile experiences will leave millions on the table.

To learn how to tap into the mobile consumer mindset to close the mobile conversion gap, see the infographic below.

Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap: A $169 Billion Opportunity

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Yaniv NavotI'm VP of Marketing at Dynamic Yield, an enterprise-facing B2B personalization tech company on a mission to make all digital experiences relevant.
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