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Coming up: Promodo's SemCamp Seminar in Kiev!

Kerin Foster

On the 11th of May in Kiev, Ukraine, Promodo will host a practical seminar on the trending issues of SEO and online marketing within the Western markets.

• 1 day • 6 speakers • 9 presentations • 3 hours of live communication • 150 attendees As an attendee of the SemCamp seminar, you will learn how to "survive" the new and aggressive Google algorithm, how to calculate the real value of SEO, and how to choose the best promotional strategy for your business. You will hear the opinions of experts from different European countries and will have the opportunity to communicate and share experiences with successful foreign colleagues – all within the field of professional online marketing.

The SemCamp Seminar is a comfortable atmosphere for dialogue, intellectual debate, and the exchanging of ideas.

Audience: The seminar will be of interest to business owners who are seeking to enter the Western markets as well as SEO specialists, marketers, freelancers, in-house specialists, and marketing agency staff.

Speakers: The seminar program will focus primarily around two key speakers: Magdalena Sikora (New Look, Expedia) and Kristjan Mar Hauksson (Nordic eMarketing). These key speakers will present two speeches each, and additionally you will be able to hear speakers from Promodo including Roman Dobronovsky, Anna Korolekh and Marina Ryashchikova. Also presenting will be Craig Bradford of Distilled, who blew away the audience at SemCamp 2012 with interesting cases about Link Building.

The total duration of the seminar is one day.

Cost of participation: • March 1 to April 21 – $160 (VAT included) • April 22 to May 8 - $185 (VAT included)

The cost of the seminar includes: • Participation in the seminar as a an attendee • An informational package of services regarding the organization of the seminar • Informational package of attendees • Coffee and conversation


*If you wish to cancel your registration less than 5 working days prior to the date of the event, a refund will not be possible. In other cases, the registration fee is fully refundable. In no instance can the organizational fee be refunded.

Forms of payment: online credit card payment, bank transfer, or checks for businesses with VAT. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Contacts: For questions about payment and documents: Irina Felk, Account Manager at Promodo, cell +38 093 6048082, email: [email protected]

SEMcamp Coordinator: Karine Tumanyants, Event Manager at Promodo, cell +38 050 9665656, email: [email protected]

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