17 Best Content Marketing Examples to Boost Your Creativity

James Brockbank

Mar 13, 202412 min read
Contributors: Rachel Handley, Christine Skopec, and Connor Lahey
Content Marketing Examples


We’ve scoured the internet to find the best content marketing examples from businesses of all types. 

Explore the categories you’re interested in to get inspired, boost your creativity, and brainstorm something great for your company.

Blog Content Marketing Examples

Writing blog posts is one of the simplest ways to attract and engage target audiences. And boost your brand’s topical authority.

Here are some of our favorite blog content marketing examples:

1. Atlassian’s ‘Left Brain vs. Right Brain’ Blog Post

Atlassian offers collaboration tools for software, IT, and business teams. And uses blog posts to establish itself as a workplace productivity expert.

The “Left brain vs.right brain: fact or fiction?” post provides data-backed information in an accessible way. And shares actionable tips for professional settings.

A section of Atlassian's “Left brain vs.right brain: fact or fiction?” post

The “fact or fiction” angle helps pique potential readers’ interest, whether they see the post in Atlassian’s blog, newsletter, social media feeds, or elsewhere.

But the topic has a lot of search demand, too.

According to Semrush’s Organic Research tool, the post generates 10.4K monthly U.S. visits from unpaid Google results.

Atlassian's post data in Organic Research tool

Atalassian has likely used a variety of blog search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help the post appear prominently for relevant search terms.

Key Takeaway

Come up with blog topics that are relevant to your target audience and popular in search. Then, create search-optimized content.

This gives you the potential to attract lots of high-quality, unpaid traffic from search engines. And other sources.

2. Casper’s ‘Dog Sleeping Positions’ Blog Post

Casper (which specializes in mattresses but also offers a dog bed) has a blog post entitled “10 Dog Sleeping Positions + Their Adorable Meanings.”

It’s a fun topic made all the more engaging by custom illustrations like this:

A custom illustration of a side sleeper in Casper's blog post entitled “10 Dog Sleeping Positions + Their Adorable Meanings"

So, it’s little wonder that the post has attracted lots of backlinks (links from other sites).

According to Semrush’s Backlink Analytics tool, 390 sites have linked to the blog post. 

Casper's post data in Backlink Analytics tool

Backlinks help drive brand awareness and referral traffic. But they can also benefit the linked site’s SEO performance. As our link building guide explains.

Key Takeaway

Create the kind of content that people want to link to and share—i.e., link bait

This tends to be unique content that elicits an emotional response in the reader. Such as delight, anger, or surprise.

Social Content Marketing Examples

Great social media content helps you reach target audiences on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. And improve your brand image.

Let’s explore some successful content marketing examples in this category:

3. Duolingo on TikTok

Duolingo is a language-learning app that’s well-known for humorous social content. 

On TikTok, the company capitalizes on trending topics and memes. And makes regular use of its iconic green owl mascot. Ensuring that its content is instantly recognizable.

Duolingo's profile on TikTok

Rather than explicitly promoting its product, Duolingo tries to publish funny content. Something that the TikTok community values.

Key Takeaway

Consider why your target audiences spend time on the social platform you’re using. And try to give them the type of content they’re looking for.

No one wants to follow brands that only post self-promotional content. Like Duolingo, try to showcase brand assets and values in a more authentic way.

4. Corona’s #ThisIsLiving Campaign

Corona’s #ThisIsLiving campaign captures the essence of living in the moment and enjoying the outdoors. Themes that closely align with the company’s brand ethos.

On Instagram, Corona engages target audiences by posting eye-catching photos of beaches, nature, and sunsets. 

Products are only featured occasionally, ensuring that the feed doesn’t come across too self-promotional.

Instagram images for Corona’s #ThisIsLiving campaign

Corona has also worked with influencers who embody the #ThisIsLiving lifestyle. Like surfer Nacho Sebastia. 

This helps them expand their reach and gives the campaign more authenticity. 

Corona’s #ThisIsLiving campaign Instagram post with influencer Nacho Sebastia

Key Takeaway

Influencer marketing can be an effective way to expand your reach on social media.

Seek out influencers who embody your brand or campaign messaging. And have existing relationships with your target audience.

5. Shopify on X

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows users to create online stores.

On X (formerly Twitter), the company posts text, videos, images, polls, links, and many other content types to keep its audience engaged.

Shopify's post on X

Company stakeholders like Shopify President Harley Finkelstein are also active on the platform. This helps to humanize the brand and foster community engagement.

Especially when the company hosts audio conversions on X Spaces:

Shopify shared Harley Finkelstein's post about audio conversations on X Spaces

Key Takeaway

Keep your social media feed varied by taking advantage of the different post types available.

And encourage stakeholders to engage with the company account—and post branded content of their own. Because people generally prefer to engage with humans rather than brands on social media.

Data-Led Content Marketing Examples

Conducting original research or using company data can be a great way to tell a unique story. 

Plus, publishers may cite your findings in their own content. Generating backlinks and exposure for your brand in the process.

Here are some data-led content marketing examples to inspire you:

6. Semrush’s State of Content Marketing Report

Semrush’s annual State of Content Marketing report contains findings from a survey of marketers and business owners. And insights from relevant experts.

It helps businesses understand the latest trends in the content marketing industry. And how their strategies measure up against others.

Data from State of Content Marketing report, showing how much of a total budget gets spent on content marketing

Users can download the PDF by filling out a form on the landing page.

This page displays key information and findings to help readers understand what they’ll get from the report.

"A few of key findings" page of State of Content Marketing report

Key Takeaway

PDFs are great for lead generation. Because you can require users to fill out a form to get access.

To increase the chance that users do submit the form, make sure your landing page clearly explains the benefits of downloading the resource.

7. Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is widely considered to be one of the best content marketing campaigns in recent years.

The idea is that users get fun facts about their last year of listening on the platform. 

In the app, personalized graphics are presented in a way that works similarly to Instagram Stories. Users can tap through various screens to discover their most-streamed songs, artists, and more.

Spotify Wrapped on Instagram Stories

Source: Spotify Newsroom

People love to learn about their habits and share that information with friends. So, the campaign generates a lot of conversation in real life and on social media.

This is enhanced by how shareable the data and graphics are. And the fact that all users get their Wrapped results at once.

Spotify Wrapped results shared by an user on X

Key Takeaway

If you collect user data, turn it into something marketable and positive that users can enjoy. 

To create something totally unique. And personalize the content to each of your users.

That said, think carefully before jumping onto the “year in review” bandwagon. Lots of brands have mimicked the Spotify concept since it launched in 2016. And it’s causing some fatigue among consumers.

Interactive Content Marketing Examples

Interactive content is content that changes based on user activity. 

It can be relatively tricky and expensive to create. But it can be great for generating engagement, backlinks, and social shares.

As these content marketing examples prove:

8. Climate FieldView’s ‘Find Your Fungicide Window’ Article

In this interactive fungicide blog post aimed at farmers, each wheel represents a particular crop’s growth cycle.

Users can rotate the wheels to see the optimal stages for fungicide application.

An interactive wheel shown in ‘Find Your Fungicide Window’ article

The interactivity in this post makes it stand out from similar resources out there. And helps ensure that it captures visitors’ attention.

Key Takeaway

Your content idea doesn’t have to be one of a kind. But if you want people to engage with, share, and link to your resource—rather than a competitor’s—you need to give them good reason.

So, make sure to look at the content you’re up against and consider how you can stand out.

9. Marriott’s ‘Family Fun in Scottsdale’ Quiz

The Marriott hotel chain launched the Family Fun in Scottsdale quiz to help visitors plan a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. (Where the company has a location.)

The Marriott hotel's Family Fun in Scottsdale quiz

Users answer questions about the type of adventure they’re looking for. And at the end, the quiz suggests local activities or restaurants based on their answers.

The interactive flowchart format coupled with a fun design theme makes the quiz engaging and shareable. 

Key Takeaway

Creative formats can make relatively simple topics more unique and interesting.

If you haven’t created interactive or design-rich content before, there are plenty of content creation tools that can help you streamline the process and achieve better results.

Video Content Marketing Examples

Video is the best-performing content format, according to Semrush’s 2023 State of Content Marketing report.

Get inspired with these content marketing examples from top brands like Adobe, Patagonia, and Apple.

10. Adobe’s Sundance Video Series

Adobe was a sponsor of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. 

As part of its marketing campaign, the company published a series of short video interviews with filmmakers, actors, and other festival attendees on its YouTube channel

Many of them got thousands of views:

A series of short video interviews "Sundance 2024" on Adobe's YouTube channel

This content helps Adobe engage creatives who may be interested in their video editing software.

Key Takeaway

Your company might not have the budget to sponsor a prestigious film festival, but look out for relevant events you can get involved in. Even if it’s just as an attendee.

Events tend to be great sources of video content. You can livestream the action, interview people you meet, capture behind-the-scenes footage, and more. 

11. Patagonia’s Marine Life Film Series

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and equipment company that engages in many forms of environmental activism.

In its Marine Life documentary series, the company puts a spotlight on issues affecting oceans across the globe. And encourages viewers to take action by signing petitions.

Patagonia’s Marine Life documentary series

This type of content helps Patagonia connect with consumers who are similarly passionate about environmental projects.

Key Takeaway

Focusing on your brand’s principles—rather than your products and services—can be a great way to build trust with target audiences. 

Just make sure to be authentic. Telling stories that you’re truly passionate about will help you tap into people’s emotions and motivate them to take action.

12. Apple’s ‘Dear Apple’ Video

In the “Dear Apple” video, real people explain how their Apple Watch helped save their lives. 

For example, one man’s smartwatch draws his attention to an erratic pulse that needs medical attention. Another falls into a trash compactor and uses his watch to call 911.

Youtube video thumbnail

The video is designed to elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer. And prompt them into getting an Apple Watch for their safety.

Key Takeaway

Rather than stating your product or service’s benefits, try to demonstrate them through storytelling.

This can be especially effective if you have real customers share their experiences with your brand. Because people find it easier to relate to other people. And tend to put more trust in their claims.

Other Content Marketing Examples

There are many other types of content marketing you can use to reach your target audience.

Here are some examples to illustrate:

13. Dove’s Self-Esteem in Kids Project

Dove has an initiative designed to improve young people’s body confidence. And the brand has published a variety of resources to support the campaign.

One example is “The Confidence Kit.”

This PDF gives parents tips to help them inspire body confidence in themselves and their children.

It includes checklists, activities, interesting statistics, and lots of friendly advice.

A section of Dove's “The Confidence Kit" pdf, on how social media affect well-being

Key Takeaway

Create resources that tap into your target audience’s pain points.

By positioning your brand as a problem-solver, you can build trust and credibility. And possibly present your product or service as an effective solution.

Plus, people may be more likely to share content that they relate to. And think others will benefit from.

14. Notion’s Webinars

Notion is a platform for brainstorming and task management. And it offers lots of resources to help users get the most out of their accounts, including:

  • Webinars
  • Help guides
  • Templates
  • Events
  • Courses
  • Online communities

Notion’s webinars are clearly targeted to different segments of its target audience. Such as enterprise companies and small teams.

Notion’s webinars page

This gives users confidence that the content—and the platform itself—is suited to their needs.

Key Takeaway

Educate users about your products or services to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

And make sure to personalize the content for each segment of your target audience. This will help you expand your reach and ensure everyone feels valued.

To do this, you’ll probably find it helpful to create buyer personas—fictional profiles that represent each type of target customer.

Semrush’s Persona tool helps you create profiles like this one:

A buyer persona created in Semrush’s Persona tool

15. Slack’s Customer Stories

Slack’s Customer Stories are similar to case studies, but they focus on storytelling rather than statistics.

For example, one article explains how Stripe used Slack to build and maintain customer relationships. 

It features testimonials from two of Stripe’s team members. And real examples of the product being used in their business.

A testimonial of Stripe’s team member on Slack

Key Takeaway

Stories tend to be more engaging than facts and statistics.

So, try to publish customer stories that your target audiences can relate to. It’s especially useful for building trust in business-to-business (B2B) content marketing.

16. The Canva Design Challenge

The Canva Design Challenge is a competition for people who use Canva’s graphic design platform.

Users are encouraged to create designs around a particular theme. Then share their creations on X or Instagram with the hashtag #CanvaDesignChallenge.

Join the Canva Design Challenge page

Canva shares their favorite designs on their website and social media. And awards prizes to the winners.

This incentivizes users to take part and helps the company cultivate a positive brand image.

Key Takeaway

Content created by your audience is called user-generated content (UGC).

With the right strategy, you can use it to supplement your own content creation efforts. And build a community around your brand.

So, think about ways to incentivize and celebrate your audience’s participation.

17. Headspace’s Mindful Ringtones

Headspace is a meditation app with a mission to improve its users’ mental health.

On its website, users can download a variety of “mindful ringtones” for free. These are gentle sound effects designed to replace the often harsh notification and alarm sounds your phone uses by default.

Slow morning mindful ringtone download on Headspace’s site

This concept ties in with the brand’s core mission and a popular talking point (the effects of our phones on well-being). 

Plus, the content cleverly inserts itself into users’ everyday lives. Because each time the user hears the sound, they might well think of Headspace and the benefits it could provide.

Key Takeaway

Out-of-the-box content marketing ideas can be more memorable and impactful. 

Host creative content brainstorming sessions to see what your team comes up with.

Where to Find More Inspiration

If you’re looking for more examples of content marketing, check out these resources:

We also recommend that you read these guides:

And analyze your rivals’ content. To see what’s working for them.

With Semrush’s Organic Research tool, you can discover top-performing pages on competitors’ sites.

Just enter a domain or subfolder, choose your country, and click “Search.”

"https://casper.com/blog/" domain entered into the Organic Research tool search bar

Then, navigate to the “Pages” report. 

You can see which URLs generate the most organic traffic (unpaid visits from search engines), keyword rankings (positions in search results for certain search terms), and backlinks.

"Traffic," "Keywords," and "Backlinks" metrics highlighted in Organic Research tool's "Pages" report

Get Topic Ideas for Your Business’s Niche

The best content marketing examples are centered around topics that are relevant to the brand and its target audience.

With Semrush’s Topic Research tool, you can quickly identify popular subtopics in your niche.

Just enter a broad topic to base your research around, choose your target country, and wait for the tool to collect content ideas.

"Content Ideas" dashboard for "sleep" in Topic Research tool

When you find an idea you like, click “Show more.”

The “Headlines” section shows you relevant articles, prioritized according to the number of backlinks they have. And you can click through to the articles for inspiration.

The “Headlines” section for "brain waves" in Topic Research tool

Then, you’re ready to create something even better than what’s already out there.

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