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Content Marketing Trends on the Horizon in 2015

Allison Freeland
Content Marketing Trends on the Horizon in 2015

What does the next year have in store for content marketers? In 2014, we evangelized the terms marketing automation, customer-centric marketing, big data and brand storytelling. This year, new trends are on the horizon.

From content marketplaces to native advertising, this post covers key tactics that will drive content marketing efforts in 2015.

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The Convergence of SEO, Content, Social and PR

For many years, public relations, SEO, social media and content existed as separate channels. But, with Google’s Penguin and Panda — algorithmic changes that elevated requirements of editorial quality — these separate practices have emerged on common ground.

In 2015, SEO, content, social and PR will become even less siloed and will be treated as a holistic skill of generating organic leads. The practices will come together with strategy, execution and promotion of content. The content will focus on providing the answers your potential customers are asking, leveraging brand-owned content, reputation management properties, social media channels and video… An integrated approach to being at every touchpoint of the consumer’s search process.

Better Adoption of Content Workflow Tools

According to a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 73 percent of B2B marketers said they are producing more content now compared to one year ago. But in order to capitalize on this increased output of content, content marketers need to harness the power of workflow tools. Content marketers will invest in content tools that will create process and scale overall efficiency in your content production process. These tools will allow for.

  • Real-time collaboration and editing
  • Editorial calendars
  • Status tracking
  • Integration with external writer marketplaces
  • Team productivity tracking
  • Publishing integration

Looking for some content workflow options? Get rid of the million makeshift tools you use and check out ClearVoice.

Influencers Driving Content

Influencer marketing is a tactic where marketers leverage the power of a highly respected or connected person in a given industry to influence prospective or current customers’ buying decisions. “Leveraging the clout of authoritative, influential voices can be the difference between a ripple and a tidal wave,” noted Steve Olenski of Marketing Land.

In 2015, brand marketers (especially) will see the value of influencer-created content and will create content campaigns that center around these subject matter experts. Recruiting influencers to create content that lives on an enterprise website will become more common. Intuit Quickbooks, American Express, GE, and others already have jumped on the influencer bandwagon, and other big brands will see the value of an influencer’s proverbial megaphone in 2015. (If you’re wondering how to get started with influencer marketing here’s a good resource.)

Intuit Quickbooks Top Influencers

Finding Quality Journalists to Power Content Campaigns

According to Google's Matt Cutts, links will become less and less important over time as the Google team finds better ways to find and rank quality content. Putting emphasis on other signals such as social, authorship and producing content will be increasingly more important and more adopted in 2015. Using tools like ClearVoice, FollowerWonk and InkyBee will be key to finding these subject matter-specific content producers.

Native Content Amplification: Merging Paid and Owned Media to Accelerate Content Distribution

In the future we will see more usage of native advertising targeted to ad-weary consumers.

The ad spend for social media, content portals, news media and video-sharing sites will increase in 2015. In fact, eMarketer reported that native advertising spend will grow from $3.1 billion to $3.17 billion between 2014 and 2015. The study also anticipated an overall lift in native advertising spend would rise from 38.8 percent in 2014 to 42.4 percent in 2017.

Native-Advertising-SpendAll in all: there will be continued standardization of native ads and native ad serving, especially from services like Outbrain and Nativo.

What are you thoughts? What do you think we'll see more of in 2015 for content marketing?

Image credit: Wikimedia & Canva

Allison Freeland

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Allie Gray Freeland is PR Director for a marketing agency iAcquire and a content marketing platform called ClearVoice that offers brands a way to produce, manage, edit and measure content campaigns. Allie is a frequent contributor to business and marketing publications and loves all things PR and content. Drop her a line on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.
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An experienced member who is always happy to help.

Great Article Allison, and this touches on many of the areas of focus that are on my plate for 2015. Finding a way to synthesize all avenues of content into a cohesive and holistic marketing plan is the real trick. Especially while also being mindful of the idiosyncrasies of the given client, their market, their culture, the geography, etc. For a process oriented person like myself, it can be a real challenge, which is why I am glad I am surrounded by other folks who fill in the gaps in my thinking.

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