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Venchito Tampon Jr.

Contentless Link Building

Venchito Tampon Jr.

The statement, “If you want more links, then create more content” is definitely wrong.

You can actually build high quality backlinks without the need to ask for links from webmasters. You only need to be creative with the use of your site’s assets and spend more time in connecting with influencers who can help you amplify your link building efforts.

In this post, I’d like to share with you tactics/tips on how you can acquire highly valued links without counting too much on content marketing. 

Easy link building

Submission of a website/RSS feed to blog, general and/or niche-related directories is an easy way to earn a decent amount of backlinks in the first month of your link building campaign. This will help you to focus yourself on other important web initiatives (technical SEO, social media, etc.).

However, you have to be careful with free submission sites. Check out the site and see if it has a strict editorial policy —does it take a few days or even a week to review a submitted link? This will give you some assurance of the quality of the directory where you want to place your link on. Always review the quality of your link prospects before taking any actions so you can avoid unnatural link building strategies.

I covered this topic in my post about easy link building. You might want to check that out for a good list of directories and profile listing sites.

Relationship building

The reason why relationships work in link building is because they can ensure the link you acquired will last on the site for several years. Links earned through relationships will last for a lifetime (unless the domain is sold/expired), whereas a pursued link for the purpose of search rankings will only count for a few months.

Imagine a scholarship link placed on a blog compared to an editorial link from a resource guide (where the content publisher naturally links to his fellow blogger because of an established connection).

Helping others without them asking for a favor is a good example of getting other webmasters to know more about you. The links will just flow in when you prioritize relationships and branding over link building.

Here are a few tactics that you need to start implementing for your campaign, which will open new relationships and link opportunities:

  • Reach out to blogs without Authorship markups. When you search for an industry keyword, you will often see these pages that haven’t verified their Google Authorship. Use this as an angle when you do your outreach to webmasters. Stimulate their interest as you continue connecting with them via emails/social accounts. You should be able to show the importance of Authorship markup and recommend solutions to install Authorship markup on their sites.
  • List site owners whom you have connections with. Check out their pages and see if they have implemented basic on-page SEO. If not, reach out to them and offer free consultation/advice. Let them know which on-page elements they need to improve for better search ranking results.

Social interaction

The new age of marketing primarily deals with social interaction. The more engaging your brand,, the more likely you will earn consumers’ trust. Trust leads to an increase in brand mentions, links and shares.

Here are some methods that you can test to get backlinks from social interactions:

  • Answer a few questions related to your industry. Do research on Twitter. Type in your keyword/industry term and see if you can answer some questions (remember not to over promote your product/service). Take note that your answers should be helpful to your audience so you will catch their interests and get them follow your brand eventually.
  • Share other people’s content assets. Reciprocation works in link building. If you make sharing other related blog posts your daily habit, then people will begin to notice you and will start to share and/or link to your brand as well.


Improving the quality of your offerings can help you earn links over time. Here are a few link building tips that you must consider for a continuous link earning activity:

  • Regular updates of your product (e.g. updates of your web-based tools – plugins) and/or adding a few online marketing services to cope up with the day-to-day marketing trends can add editorial links to your backlink profile. Established brands will just share these updates on social, and bloggers/journalists will automatically come in and cover those updates on different industry-related blogs and news sites.
  • Visually-appealing websites are usually featured on graphic blogs because of their high quality and catchy webpage designs. If you can improve your site’s design/architecture/format, then you would have a chance to earn some decent editorial links.

Contentless link building is focusing on effective and less costly tactics that can yield great results for the brand. It all boils down to understanding how the brand can interact with its target audience and showing off its expertise to naturally attract links/shares from engaged users.

Author bio:

Venchito Tampon owns a link development agency based in Manila, Philippines that provides high-quality link building services to SMBs and enterprises. He is the author of the link building blog, DigitalPhilippines.net. Get in touch with him at @venchito14 or venchitotampon [at] gmail [dot] com. Venchito’s last article for SEMrush was “How to Get Links and Shares with Crowdsourced Content."

Venchito Tampon Jr.

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

Venchito Tampon is Co-Founder and Marketing Director of SharpRocket, a digital marketing agency focused on providing link building and content marketing services to big brands and SEO agencies in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and European countries. He has been featured at top publishing websites like Inc. Asia, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal, and Forbes.
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