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Cost per Action Advertising: Check Your Competitors’ Ads Texts

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Cost per Action Advertising: Check Your Competitors’ Ads Texts

Cost per Action (CPA) advertising is one of the most effective yet underused online marketing tactics. Businesses gain a lot of customers through this medium hence they depend on the advertisers a great deal.

As a CPA advertiser, you have to stay on top of the market and make sure you are following the best practices and techniques for delivering the results. When your customers are happy, you will make more money. It is as simple as that. It involves:

  • Posting ads on the internet
  • Using catchy and engaging content to attract people
  • Convincing people to click on the ads
  • Getting people to perform the desired action

Checking Your Competitors’ Ads’ Texts

One of the ways in which you can improve your CPA advertising is by checking your competitors’ ads’ text. As they say, standing on the shoulders of giants enables you to see farther than them. Since they have trodden the path you are starting out on, it makes sense for you to follow in their footsteps. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can plagiarize what they have written in their ads but get a general idea of the way the ads are written and more importantly, the keywords which have been used.

Making the Most of AdWords Google

The best thing about checking your competitors’ ads and the texts they are using is that it enables you to use AdWords in a better way. Any AdWords expert would tell you that adapting from others is one of the key tactics to use for CPA advertising. There is no doubt that AdWords is a must-use for CPA advertisers and you have to make sure you are using it to its optimum potential. The key to this is to know which keywords the advertisers in your niche are using.

Finding the Keywords that Drive Traffic

The right keywords can be incorporated into your AdWords text to make sure you drive traffic to the landing pages and websites where the ads are being hosted. Using the top ranking keywords enables you to get targeted traffic which means the chances of conversions is high and you can convince a higher percentage of visitors to perform the desired action. In short, you can make more money through spying on your competitors’ ads’ texts.

Getting People to Click on Your Ads

The internet-savvy people of today are aware of the different types of ads that are posted online by marketers and advertisers. This is why they think a lot before clicking on any ad. It doesn’t take an AdWords expert to know that convincing people to click on an ad is hard work. If you are not able to get people to do so, you are going to fail as an advertiser. Instead of trying to find the best AdWords tips to follow, you can simply check out your competitors’ ads and the texts they have to get an idea of what to do.

Convincing Visitors to Perform the Action

You might get people to your landing page through the ads you have placed but can you convince them to perform the desired action. For instance, some of the common actions CPA advertisers require of their visitors include:

  • Providing personal information
  • Filling a form
  • Answering a survey or questionnaire

The text on your ad needs to be compelling enough for your visitors to perform the actions. Otherwise your competitors are going to run away with your leads. What you can do is check the texts in their ads and use the ideas you find.

How SEMrush Can Help You

It sure sounds like a lot of work checking your competitors’ ads’ texts. It definitely is and you need to make sure you use the best tools available to you. For this purpose, SEMrush is a topnotch tool you can use. You simply have to install SEMrush on your browser and then type the address of the site where your competitors’ ads are hosted. You will be able to keep an eye on the ads and the texts being used. Moreover, you will get an idea of the best keywords you can use for your campaign.

As you can see, checking your competitors’ ads’ texts is important for cost per action advertising. You can try the different tactics and see the results for yourself. At the end of the day it is about maximizing your earnings and SEMrush can help you do that!

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