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Could SEMrush Predict Google's 'Frightgeist'? [Infographic]

Anneliese Sparks
Could SEMrush Predict Google's 'Frightgeist'? [Infographic]

Google recently released Frightgeist, a report revealing what Halloween costumes rank locally, nationally and by category for 2015. You can also search a specific costume and get a breakdown of search trends nationwide and over time. I picked up my costume for $4 at a thrift shop here in Philly and was (for once) prepared early – Pocahontas is currently ranking #55 and by looking at search volume throughout the U.S., there's a decent chance I'll be bumping into another one this weekend.

But let's say I didn't want to run into someone with the same costume as me: could I look this data up ahead of time in SEMrush to avoid popular costumes? It certainly seems that way.

To do this, I exported a Phrase Match report for the keyword "costume" like you see below:

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.17.34 PM

Click to enlarge.

From here I organized the list by search volume and was able to pick out the top 25 . By going back as far as June 2015, SEMrush was able to predict 14 costumes out of Google's top 25  4 months ahead of time, whoa!

Want to know which ones Google and SEMrush agreed upon? Check out this graphic below (and let us know what Google Frightgeist predicts as the most popular costume for your neighborhood!):


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