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How SEMrush helps:
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How SEMrush Tools Save You Time Creating Reports for Clients

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How SEMrush Tools Save You Time Creating Reports for Clients

This post is in English
Alexandra Nekrasova
This post is in English
How SEMrush Tools Save You Time Creating Reports for Clients

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of to promote a website: from creating the right keyword strategy to fixing technical issues on your site. With each step consisting of many other sub-steps, it all requires expertise and attention. But all your backstage efforts become irrelevant if they don’t lead to actual business results.

Reporting about the achievements of your SEO campaign is tricky business:

  • Your clients (or your employers) will pay you to make their problems go away: low rankings, little traffic, you name it. But instead of describing your work, you need to focus on what it means to them. And these are two different things.

  • Everybody has a job to do, and nobody wants to dive into the details of someone else’s job. Your reports should be concise, and some things just cannot be explained briefly.

  • Having many different clients means reporting to all of them. And if you don’t have the right tools to streamline the process, creating the reports manually eats up a lot of your time.

SEO paperwork is not a piece of cake, so we at SEMrush developed the Report Builder: an integrated PDF-constructing tool that allows you to create customized white label reports with the data from the SEMrush toolkit, Google Analytics or any other SEO tool of your choice.

Construct Your Reports in Minutes

Taking screenshots and pasting them into a Word document or a PowerPoint deck is not the most effective way to create an SEO report, and it takes up a lot of your time. An SEO tool with integrated reporting capability eliminates the need to create reports manually, and it allows you to streamline the reporting process while creating a visually appealing report. If you have access to a tool that will customize data from various toolkit sources and update your report each time you need a copy of it, it is a total win.

The essence of the SEMrush Report Builder is widgets. There are hundreds of different widgets from various SEMrush toolkit instruments. To add a certain widget to a report, you simply drag and drop it to the page and tweak the settings.

In this article, I will create a sample SEO report using data that I find most illustrative for a monthly report. Check for a link to a downloadable PDF of this report at the bottom of the page.

Website Traffic Reporting

All clients are different, but most of them have the same need when it comes to search optimization: to drive more traffic to their website. This is also a hallmark of a good agency: they should promise actual traffic, not just rankings.

All of the analytics concerning a website’s traffic comes from Google Analytics, so we included a Google Analytics widget into our tool.

Google Analytics widget in SEMrush Report Builder

If you decide to include more information about the organic search optimization, we have almost a hundred different widgets from the Domain analytics.

Sometimes it is useful to demonstrate not only your client’s traffic but also how they perform compared to their competitors. Since having access to your competitor’s domain data is not an option, you can take advantage of our Traffic Analytics report: it is based on clickstream and third-party data providers' information and shows different sources of domain traffic — organic, direct, social, referral, etc.

Traffic Analytics widget from SEMrush Report Builder

Showing Rankings Progress

For our Position Tracking tool, we added various widgets demonstrating the ranking fluctuations from different perspectives.

Website visibility and keyword trend widgets in SEMrush Report Builder

The anatomy of the SERPs is constantly changing, and now we have to consider not just the first 10 positions but also the numerous SERP features that appear for most keywords. To help you do that and produce an SEO rank report, we expanded our Position Tracking report which now includes all the SERP features that are available for the company’s target keywords.

Conveying on Backlinks

The quality of your backlinks directly affects your rankings. So we added a lot of different widgets to the Backlinks section.

Backlinks widgets from SEMrush Report Builder

Providing Site Audit Reports

Our Site Audit section includes all kinds of widgets that display various technical SEO issues so that the results of your site audit work can be demonstrated holistically. Also, it is handy for building pre-sale reports. Such data will point out your clients' real problems, leaving no grounds for debate or doubt.

Site Audit widgets from SEMrush Report Builder

You Can Organize the Report Data

All the widgets in the Report Builder are illustrative and made in one style. Apart from making your reports look nice, it also makes them easier to read, which is especially important if you are reporting about complex issues.

But apart from being a convenient SEO rank report tool, Report Builder also provides various capabilities of a PDF editing tool. It has all the elements to organize the report layout: headings, text fields, columned texts, page breaks, and also allows you to insert images.

Text editing tools in SEMrush Report Builder

Also, starting from the Business subscription level, you can create white label reports with your company’s logo and address.

Streamline the Process

Good tools help you do the job; great tools do the job for you. The Report Builder updates the information in your widgets each time you set out to generate a new report so you don’t need to do the job twice. Also, later you can use those reports as templates for creating new ones.

You can schedule your reports so that they are at hand whenever you need them. This feature is available in all of our plans, including PRO. The new report will be created on the basis of the initial report but will contain all the recent data.

You can email the reports to your boss or a client straight from the Report Builder and schedule the reports to be generated and sent out regularly.

Show us how you do it!

You can download a PDF of the report I generated while writing this article here and see the capabilities.

Create your own perfect report right now and share it with us!

Also, post your ideas on what makes a perfect SEO report in the comments below, or email us at [email protected] and we will create a template in our toolkit based on your suggestions so that everybody can try it out!

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How SEMrush helps:
Planning & Reporting
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Daniel H.
Excellent point, Everybody has a job to do, and nobody wants to dive into the details of someone else’s job. Your reports should be concise, and some things just cannot be explained briefly."

Brevity is best. You are right, keep it at the macro level, don't get into the weeds. Even for myself, I go too far in describing the nuances of a report.
Hello, is there a way to customise the actual email that's sent when you send the report to a client? As the email is branded SEM rush, if we could brand as per an agency this would be awesome to setup a report, schedule sending to a client and forget :-)
Heather Lumb
Hello! Loved this! I've been looking for a way to seamlessly include all my reporting elements in one spot. Question for ya though! Is there a way to show more Google Analytics info, such as breaking down by Location, Channel, etc? Haven't played around with this yet, just figured I'd ask in case someone else was wondering. Thanks for posting this article!

Also this says my name is Matt. It isn't! I'm Heather.
Aleks Ritov
Heather Lumb
Yes, we plan to improve Google Analytics widgets. There is only one in the Report Builder right now. We will add much more.
Keith Greywood
The branding thing is a letdown if you are in-house and do not need the business plan. 'Unable to brand report. Branding PDF reports is not available for your current subscription plan. If you’d like to remove this limitation, please upgrade your SEMrush subscription.'

Lame-o. Looks rubbish with SEMrush branding all over it and not the website logo.
Alexandra Nekrasova
Keith Greywood
Actually, business plan has many other cool nice-to-haves which could be helpful to an agency. White label reports is just one of them.
Hello Alexandra,

Great post and lots of helpful tips.
However, the database doesn't display India, I know it's there but somehow it's not included in the list.
Alexandra Nekrasova
Harsha Kulkarni
Hi Harsha!
If I got you right, you tried setting up a widget and didn't spot the Indian base there. Which one did you use? I checked out several widgets from the Domain Analytics section and found the Indian (IN) base between the Japanese (JP) and the Hungarian (HU) databases. If you still got troubles finding it, please, email us at [email protected] It is very unlikely, but it could be a bug so we'd be happy to spot it as early as possible.
Shankar Bohara
Alexandra Nekrasova
Shankar Bohara
Thanks! Happy to help.
Still bummed that Pro plan users lost branded PDF report functionality a while back. Seems rather short-sighted to take away a feature that I'm sure many smaller agencies welcomed.
Alexandra Nekrasova
Gee Ranasinha
Hi Gee! Thanks for the comment. I'll definitely take your consideration to our product owners, as we always strive to make our product better for our customers. In the meantime, I think Guru plan that includes branded reports has many other great features, so it is worth trying out.
Very Nice
Alexandra Nekrasova
manoj sharma
Thank you! Doing my best to help!
This is really awesome :)
Alexandra Nekrasova
Utsav Fashion
Thanks, mate! It really helps organise your paperwork.
Awesome !
Alexandra Nekrasova
Shlomi adactive
Wow, this is really great to know! It is always nice to have automated reports for clients, but knowing I can organize them in the order I want makes your reports seem a lot more appealing than others.
Alexandra Nekrasova
Yeah, we got you all covered! Cheers!

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