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Deindexed on Google? Get Back Your Place in Record Time

William Johnson
Deindexed on Google? Get Back Your Place in Record Time

After almost every algorithm update from Google, most of the websites find it hard to keep their place in the search engine results. Getting deindexed on Google surely isn’t a good news for any business having online presence. In recent times, it’s essential for websites to have a solid presence on the search engines.

Researches have shown that 60% of the direct traffic come from organic searches. Hence, if Google deindexes your website, it will surely have a negative impact on your sales. There might be many reasons for this and it’s better for you to avoid them. But once you have been deindexed, there’s no use lamenting over it and wasting your precious time. You should initiate the efforts that can help you get back the place on Google as early as possible.

But what are the best ways to do that?

Deindexed on Google

Here’s a quick look at some processes that might help:

  • Use social media in a dedicated manner
  • Replace low-quality duplicate content with unique, original ones
  • Don’t use Noindex parameter
  • Use links in a proper way
  • Concentrate on meta tags and web design as well
  • Check out the condition of the server

Use Social Media to Restore Organic Traffic

Appearing in the organic search results is the key to bringing traffic to your website. Hence, it is essential you share your site’s URL among as many people as possible. Social media is the best place to increase viewership. Reach out to maximum people and enhance your website views as much as possible with the help of social media marketing. If you don't have one already, you should also create a G+ page and share your webpages as much as possible to ensure a regular flow of traffic to it.

Replace Duplicate Content

To perform well on Google, it is essential to have excellent content on your website. And the quantity of content matters as well. But this does not mean that you will use duplicate content from other websites or other pages of your own website. Having duplicate content can have a negative impact on your website. You also need to check if your site is using spun content. The low quality of the content can also hurt the prospects of your website. Hence, it is necessary to check all the content that your website has. Ensure that all of them are properly optimized for the search engines. Besides, no unrelated keyword should appear in the content as well.

Ensure that Noindex Parameter Hasn’t Been Used

Have you used the Noindex parameter mistakenly for your site or blog? When you are running a website or a blog, you must be aware of the processes through which you can ask Google not to index your page. These procedures come in handy when you do have a page whose construction has not been completed. But have you mistakenly asked Google to deindex your site? This has been found to be one of the most common reasons for the websites to be deindexed. Have you done this when checking or maintaining your website?

You should check the settings to ensure that Google is allowed to index your website. Ensure that the Noindex parameter is used nowhere, not in the robots.txt files, root directory, individual web file directories or in your Meta data.

Hunt for Links that Hurt

Does your website have a lot of backlinks to other sites? Are you sure all of them are functioning properly? You might have linked your content to some other site that has information similar to the one provided in your website. This surely have worked in your favor at a time. But you need to be sure that the links are functioning now as well.

If the links on your website are not functioning properly, Google might punish your site for that. And your website might even be deindexed. You need to use Google Webmaster Tools as well as a free link checker to know, which links on your website are dead. So, it can help you remove the dead links that are present on your webpages. Besides, you also need to check for:

  • Large number of outgoing links
  • Too many affiliate links
  • Hidden links

Keep on checking for and removing dead links on a monthly basis to ensure that your site performs well in search engine results.

Check Web Design and Meta Tags

Check the meta descriptions and title tags as well. Is your website properly designed? It will also play a major role in ensuring that the content can be properly crawled. And if the site is not crawled well, it will not be properly indexed by Google’s search engine. This, in turn, will result in low traffic and hence, will have a negative impact on your business.

Check if the Server Has Crashed

Worried that you have been deindexed on Google? Check out your web host. Usually the servers on which the sites are hosted are pretty reliable, but it can crash at times. So, check it out. If it has, you will have to wait for the next visit by Googlebot to the website. If your site is indexed once again, it will appear in the next ranking change. However, you can't expect it to immediately have the same rankings once your site appears, and you will have to work hard for it to get the required results.

Getting deindexed on Google isn’t a great thing. But once that happens to your website, you need to beef up the efforts to bring the site back to its original place in the search engine results. If followed properly, these steps are sure to help your website gain its rank fast enough.

Have any other tips? Let me know in the comments!

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William Johnson belongs to the most creative field of digital media: web design! Currently, he is obsessed with the latest trends in e-commerce development, online marketing, Magento eCommerce and lots more. William also runs free consultation programs on web designing tips, Internet marketing trends and more for his set of readers. Follow him at Google+ and Twitter.
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How do you check when the webpage was de-indexed?
My server crashed so I upgraded to a VPS. My organic impressions dropped from 800 per day to 80. Server is running good now but impressions still low. Crash happened 10 days ago. All pages still indexed. How long can it take for re-ranking?
perhaps you should also mention the relatively rare case when people use "Disallow: /" clause in their robots.txt files, for it sometimes happen...speaking from expertizable experience :)
I often hear only cases of SEO related or self-imposed de-indexation. Just want to note sometimes sites have a malware injection. I've seen this via wordpress plugins. Update plugins, make sure your site is secure and then run a screaming frog analysis to see outbound links. I discovered a clients site was linking outbound once injection started which caused it to be essentially deindexed. This was a bit different from the standard SEO penalty and the google team responded really quick to my efforts/response.
Martin Lindeskog
How do you know if you got de-indexed by Google? Will you automatically be removed from other search engines too?
William Johnson
Martin Lindeskog
Martin, you can suspect that you've been de-indexed when you find a sharp fall in website traffic. And it happens pretty suddenly. And it's not difficult to check either. You will find a number of websites on Google to check this.

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