Digital Marketers: Learn and Network at SEJ Summit 2016 in NYC

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Digital Marketers: Learn and Network at SEJ Summit 2016 in NYC

Tara M. Clapper
Digital Marketers: Learn and Network at SEJ Summit 2016 in NYC

Ready for a condensed, digestible, one-day marketing event in New York City? The SEJ Summit will take place at The Times Center on Nov. 2, 2016. Presenters include WordStream Founder Larry Kim, Condé Nast VP of SEO John Shehata, Zillow Director of SEO Kristan Bauer and multiple presenters from Google.

Topics include mobile search and optimization, local search, site migration and more in six expert Q&A panels and 11 sessions. 

The SEJ Summit Format: Ideal for Intermediate and Advanced Marketers

I attended the SEJ Summit in 2015 and fell in love with their format. The topics ranged from UX to social. They were technical enough that I wasn't bored, but nothing felt out of reach for me. I'd highly recommend the event to intermediate and advanced marketers who need more substance than the same old 101 speakers provide.

Elite Networking Opportunity

Networking happens very naturally at the SEJ Summit. Instead of forced icebreaker sessions at the beginning of the event, you get to know people over the course of the day, during a sit-down, catered lunch, and at the happy hour reception.

This event provides a healthy mix of SEOs, CMOs, executives, consultants, content planners and marketing generalists. 

While attendees do travel for the event, I found it to be a particularly valuable networking opportunity to find others who work primarily in the Northeast. 

Register before Sept. 30 to save $200 on ticket price – and let's connect at the event!

What are you most looking forward to at SEM Summit 2016 in NYC? Leave your comment below!

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