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Education Week Summary

Tara M. Clapper
Education Week Summary

Last week, we focused on the intersection of technology and education on the blog. Did you miss any of this innovative content?

Read on for a complete list of posts from Education Week.

Welcome to Education Week on the SEMrush Blog

An introduction and overview of the theme week.

Dead Ad Copies Society: Finding Low Performing Ads

Mike Isaac shows you how to identify your competitors' underperforming ads so you can outperform them.

Social Media & Digital Identity Development for Higher Ed Pros

Danielle Poupore debunks excuses many higher ed pros have for eschewing social media.

Education and Marketing in the Future: What They Have in Common

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré examines the true intersection of tech and marketing, looking at where these fields are going in the future.

The High-Tech PTA: A Look at VolunteerSpot

VolunteerSpot is an app that lets PTA groups and other organization coordinate effectively. Wendy Johnson explores its value.

How to Get a Proper SEO Education

How are you supposed to learn more about SEO? Boris Dzhingarov offers suggestions.

A New Take on Student Debt: Interview with Erik Trautman of Viking Code School

In this interview, I ask Erik Trautman about Viking Code School's accessibility and unique policy: students don't pay for their education until they're employed.

Back to School: Homing in on Your Keywords

Are you ready to go back to the basics with SEMrush? Mike Isaac demonstrates how to find the right keywords in our tool.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what education and tech topics interest you in the comments!

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Tony Sofin
Education week summary is so interesting. Last year I took part and I so liked. I advise to everyone to take a part. You won’t regret.