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Effective PPC Bid Management That Saves You Time

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Effective PPC Bid Management That Saves You Time

Let’s face it: bid management is the least interesting aspect of being a PPC manager. But as simple and uninteresting as it is, PPC bid management affects the overall effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. So, even though this is a not a novel topic, but this article will focus on efficient pay-per-click bid management strategies.

Even if you are an experienced PPC manager, you will have several concepts refreshed after reading this article and newbies will learn about the whole spectrum of management methods available.

Basic Manual Methods

Let’s start with the simplest methods for new PPC marketers. The easiest way to start a PPC campaign is to use bid management tools like Google Adwords or the Facebook advertisement service. The most convenient aspect of these resources is that you immediately sign up and start your campaign, and edit the bids in-line with data and filters.

However, the downside is that they are subject to “knee-jerk” or automatic changes, and while you can make bulk changes, these will not take into account rational data like percentage changes or changes in currency value.

Along similar lines, you can use desktop tools like AdWords Editor or Facebook Power Editor for PPC management. You not only get the flexibility of navigating in a desktop style format, but you will find bulk management with filters and in-line with data easier.

However, even these desktop tools have some drawbacks. For instance, downloads related to campaigning and performance take a lot of time if you have larger accounts. Moreover, when you are making bulk changes, there are some limitations in filters.

Advanced Manual Methods

Keeping in the field of manual PPC bidding, we now turn towards some advanced methods that build upon the techniques discussed above.

Using the same desktop tools, you may incorporate logical changes like dollar amount changes and percentage changes using “Advance Bid Options”. This gives you the added benefit of bulk management using filters, in-line with both data and logic. However, taking things up a notch will result in download times increasing and filters being more limited.

Another viable method of advanced PPC bidding is the use of spreadsheets. Anyone who uses a PC regularly knows about Google Docs and Excel. These allow you to use data and logic filters, and bulk changes will include these filters as well.

But there is one problem; not everyone is proficient in using these spreadsheets, so there is a learning curve involved as compared to signing up for Google Adwords. Moreover, as your PPC activities increase, the data on the spreadsheets will become so large that managing it would become a hassle.

This paves the way for automated PPC management techniques.

Conversion Optimizer by Google AdWords

The automated bid management software is based on algorithms, making them the most efficient option for PPC managers. The PPC bid management software covers a lot of aspects where manual methods do not provide sufficient support.

The Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer enables Google to automatically adjust keywords bids to achieve a target or go for the highest cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Being simple to set up and manage, the Conversion Optimizer is a great tool for achieving your CPA targets. Google Adwords Bulk Operation is another automated PPC management method that enables you to create rules to adjust bids or pause keywords based on performance metrics.

Limitations to these methods mostly arise from technical know-how as well as the fact that they are only suited for AdWords bid management. What to do if you want to break into other PPC Channels?

Contact 3rd Party PPC Tools

Finally, you can enjoy effective PPC management with 3rd party tools like Acquisio. These allow you to create rules for the majority of your PPC programs in a variety of formats. But once again, this method is meant for advanced advertisers who are well aware of the different options that come with 3rd party PPC tools.

In summary, these are the major PPC management techniques available. Depending on which stage you are on, all these methods have their pros and cons. Unless you choose the best bid management tool based on your skills and experience, you will find it difficult to achieve significant success with PPC marketing.

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