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Elementary, my Dear Watson! I’m using Google Places!

Alexandra Tachalova
Elementary, my Dear Watson! I’m using Google Places!

Elementary, my Dear Watson! I’m using Google Places!

In the previous article we gave a brief overview of Google Images trends. Now, it’s time to present the Google Places.

Generally, Google Places can unlock the opportunities to be found on Google free of charge on higher positions than in organic results. So, it’s definitely a good chance to promote local businesses. However, every time we are going to start a project, we’d like to first get an idea of the real benefits. The question here is why you should use Google Places, instead of the many other options available?

Perhaps it's just because Google said that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Do you agree? Google

If I was the SEO manager, I’d never be satisfied with such vague data. It’s absolutely not enough for me to draw a strong conclusion, and it often seems that Google's “officially presented” numbers seem to be only estimations and predictions instead of being 100% truth. Here, in SEMrush, we tried to investigate the situation in a more comprehensive manner and show the real trend.

First of all, let’s check what we have by checking the frequency in which Google Places results show in the overall monthly Google search results. 520 million in the USA alone in September. By the way, this number is nearly 5% of the overall number of USA search queries.

Now it’s better to see the number of user queries (searched keywords) in Google Places in USA and in other regions to gain additional understanding. he number of keywords in Google Places search results

What I’d like to do in the next step is to compare the number of searched keywords from Google Places with total number of keywords. I'll compare the number of keywords from Google Places users queries with total number of keywords. It looks pretty good everywhere, besides the Russian database.

After we’ve figured out the keyword, situation we’re obligated to take care of the historical changes. Every region is growing a lot, especially in the United Kingdom where SEO specialists seem to be working hard on promoting websites through Google Places.

The Share of Google Placea

I hope that we were able to convince you to make a final decision, and now you’re ready and willing to appear in Google places. How to implement it Use the following linkhttp://places.google.com/business And remember that the most important information should be filled in: Here the short list of required data:

  • Company address, phone and website
  • Company description and adding category
  • Business hours and payment methods
  • Photos and video.

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Alexandra Tachalova has worked in digital marketing for over six years. She is a digital marketing consultant, helping digital businesses to open new markets and boost sales. Alexandra is a frequent speaker, and Founder of online digital marketing event DigitalOlympus.net.
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Good job
Alexandra Tachalova
Thanks for comment! About categories you're totally right, you should use all options to achieve the better results:)
And one more thing that I didn't mention in article is the problem when Google detects your real reviews as spam and removes them. Here, in SEMrush we've already experienced it, we contacted the Google to move back all data and it helped us. Use this option too if someday you'll find out the same problem)