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Essential Digital Marketing Tools for E-commerce Businesses

Sameer Bhatia
Essential Digital Marketing Tools for E-commerce Businesses

The online business market is characterized by fierce competition. This requires all e-commerce businesses to be on their toes in order to take advantage of the enhanced market potential. In 2014, the online purchases are expected to rise to £131.2 billion, which dictates an increase of 18%. To capitalize on such opportunities, online businesses need to ensure that their websites continue to perform.

There are a number of tools and tasks that can help you improve the performance of website by allowing you to optimize it.

Listed below are a few of these measures:

Monitor Mobile Traffic

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to make online purchases. This trend is evident from the fact that consumers spent nearly £3 billion n making online purchases through their mobile devices. The trend is growing at a rapid pace and online retailers can expect it to continue growing significantly in the coming years. Keeping up with this, online retailers need to ensure that their website is customized effectively to suit the needs of the consumers.

Google Analytics is a useful tool in this regard. It can help you by providing statistics regarding the mobile traffic, among other sources, that your website is able to attract. This tool provides you with an overview of the online interactions that took place on your website and helps you in determining the number of people who used mobile devices for their transactions. In turn, this can help you in improve the shopping experience over mobile devices.

Once you start using Google Analytics, you will get an idea regarding the percentage of mobile traffic generated by your business. For instance, if the mobile traffic amounts to 10% of the overall traffic for your website then it makes sense to monitor mobile search and to optimize it.

After determining this, the next step is to analyze the kind of user experience that you are providing for mobile devices. A strong indicator in this regard is the conversion rate – the percentage of the mobile traffic being converted into sales, or any other specific event that you have set, like subscribing to your newsletter. You then compare it with the conversion rate of your desktop. If the analysis highlights that the mobile traffic conversion rate is low, this indicates the presence of obstacles. It is very important to remove these obstacles; identification comes first of course. Listed below are a few solutions to these problems:

Intuitive Website Design

It is important to make the buying experience as easy as possible for your customers. This requires you to design your website such that mobile browsing is as intuitive as can be, providing a seamless experience to mobile users. User-friendly navigation is key in this regard. This may involve including category results and leading links at the top of your web page. Furthermore, it is always beneficial to make your shopping cart easily accessible from every page on your website.

Click-to-Call Phone Number

Recent studies have shown that users hardly purchase from those online retailers whom they can’t call during the checkout process. This is why it is important to include a click-to-call phone number on your website and it should be placed such the number is easily visible.

Include More Images

It is common knowledge that the induction of good quality images helps in selling your product, particularly on desk devices. However, in the case of mobile devices, the available space is limited. This enhances the importance of pictures over this medium. This will serve to increase your conversion rates and facilitate the sale of your products. Remember, users do not appreciate scrolling through lengthy blocks of text.

Simplify Text Fields During Checkout Process

Every time shoppers enter items to the shopping cart, the details regarding delivery and the mode of payment need to be filled out. This process needs to be as simplified as you can make it. After all, the main purpose of e-commerce is to streamline user experience. An easy buying experience is what customers are looking for when they are using their mobile devices to shop for items. Therefore, if you don’t optimize your website to facilitate their mobile experience, you will lose out on your customers. This is why it is important to make this part of the purchase more concise and simple then the desktop experience.

Use a Call Tracking Service

This is important; your customers are still more comfortable in being able to call their online retailers, regardless of the advancements in technology during this digital age. Having a telephone number makes you more reachable for your customers and it adds to your credibility.

According to a study conducted by the call tracking Software Company called Mediahawk, retailers who provide their customers with the opportunity to call them are able to generate more sales.

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