European Search Awards 2017: Semrush awarded “Best SEO Software Suite”

Anna Lebedeva

Apr 27, 20173 min read
Semrush awarded “Best SEO Software Suite”

We are delighted to have won the European Search Awards for “Best SEO Software Suite” and to have been nominated for “Best Search Software Tool.”We were honored to be recognized by industry experts at a wonderful ceremony in the city of Krakow, Poland. The European Search Awards is an international event that celebrates excellent work in SEO, PPC, and Digital and Content Marketing from some of the leading experts in Europe. This year’s ceremony took place on April 27 in the Stara Zajezdnia building.

The awards ceremony took place for the sixth time, but we were proud to have won the first year that we applied. We made a solid decision to submit our product when we became confident in the idea that we have managed to build the best SEO suite in the marketing industry.

— Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush.

This year the European Search Awards, as always, attracted the best minds in Search and Digital Marketing to celebrate a variety of nominations and fantastic projects and to congratulate this year’s winners. As always, the evening was remarkable for guests, offering valuable networking opportunities and great dining, and making this event the best of its kind in the industry.

It is important for us to say thanks to all of the judges who cast their vote for us! All of you can rest assured that we will continue supplying the most innovative SEO software and providing our customers with top-notch service.

Also, it has to be said that we could not have done all this without our dedicated community’s support. We would like to thank each of our customers and community members for their trust and feedback. Their help provides our team with the opportunity to steadily enhance and improve SEMrush’s tools and reports and build the best product on the market.

A year-long journey towards significant product evolution

This award is the result of years of hard work and dedication. Last year was one of the most productive and innovative years for SEMrush, especially for product development. In the ever-changing digital marketing world, it is vital to be able to adjust to all the developments that happen in the industry quickly enough. Therefore, we’ve focused on building a fullstack of SEO software that helps marketers successfully complete all their tasks in one place. Now we want to say a few words about what we put our main focus on. 

Constant experimentation and innovation

The web space is constantly changing, and without quick adjustments to those updates, marketers lose opportunities.No other software on the market releases the same number of updates as SEMrush:

  • We doubled our number of tools within a year
  • Around 100 updates were released in 2016
  • New features are added to existing tools weekly
  • Two to three new tools are released to beta each quarter

Building a full-cycle SEO workflow

SEMrush aims to solve the problems that marketers face in their daily work, saving them time and resources. In 2016 we strived to create a full workflow for SEO professionals within a single software by introducing news tools and reports:

Building a tight community

Figuring out what our users want is not easy. In the last years, we focused heavily on building a tight community that could directly impact our software development and help us to create the best product on the market.

SEMrush pays attention to what its customers are saying and identifies problems that the team can solve by fixing any issues that might occur during users’ interaction with our service:

  • Over 50 percent of all update ideas come from our community and 100 percent of all releases are discussed with users and thought leaders.

  • All SEMrush features have either been triggered by client feedback or have been approved by two and more users.

  • Each product owner gets 100-150 emails with feedback per month. On average, 10 percent of those cases are implemented.

In the upcoming years, we are going to keep expanding our toolkit by adding new cutting-edge tools to help our users continue growing with us and driving the maximum revenue. Their success is our primary business.

— Vitalii Obishchenko, the Chief Product Officer at SEMrush

Just as proof of our strong product development intentions, here are just a few new tools and features that we have released since submitting our product to the competition the submission to the award (March 2017):

One more time thanks, all, for your for endless trust. We will keep doing the best we can.

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