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Hello, everybody!

The day of the BrightonSEO conference, the biggest and one of the best marketing conferences in the UK, is always busy, intense, super informative and fun. Too bad it’s over now! The SEMrush team is overrun with emotions – happy about connecting with a lot of new people and full of new knowledge. And we feel like it would be such a waste not to share all of our impressions with you right away! Here are the best takeaways and the brightest moments of BrightonSEO...and a lot of photos.Check them out!

Let's Get Started!

Okay, this is what a promising event looks like – the room is ready to host the brightest marketing minds.

Brighton SEO

The day began with a “Welcome to BrightonSEO” speech by Kelvin Newman in which he compared the current edition of the event with the initial one. He emphasized that in spite of the increased number of participants, BrightonSEO has kept its unique atmosphere. It sounded promising, and we enjoyed diving in and getting the most out of this day.

Social Content Track

Stacey MacNaught started her speech with three major mistakes you should avoid when creating social media content. She pointed out that a piece ofcontent should be treated the way you would also treat a key product or service page.

The next speaker, Christoph C. Cemper, discussed how to measure content marketing success. He pointed out that social shares are not the main metric to concentrate on. "I can "like" 50 posts per minute, but does that mean I'm engaged?" This is how you can measure BUZZ around your content, but how to measure IMPACT? Check out his insightful post and presentation.

SEMrush’s Brightest Moment

Here we go! It’s social time! Our own Michael Stricker, along with Kristal Ireland (twentysix), Jes Stiles (Ringer) and Charlie Williams (, rocked the stage. Kristal Ireland talked about the present and the future of social media marketing. Jes Stiles had a great presentation: "How to win fans and reach people. Practical tips for Facebook." Here are some tips from her. Emotions are a good drivers of our behavior, so if you want to get high engagement rate, use some emotional triggers and topics that can excite your audience.

And here are awesome tips on creating Facebook posts.

Charlie Williams was talking about agile thinking and content. He convinced us that "content is our best method to offer a unique experience in markets increasingly filled with similar products."

And here comes the session of our own Michael Stricker – “Dark Social, Dark Web, Dark Hat, Dark Times – Brighton Up.” He took a closer look at invaluable data sources which most companies are missing out on now, such as voice search, text message and IoT. He also provided some interesting statistics on traffic distribution between different marketing channels.

Exhibitor Zone

Afterwards, we headed to the exhibitor zone. It’s fully packed with participants from all over Europe; it's loud and it's fun. And here is the place for a little surprise from SEMrush.

And it's the place where we meet a lot of our old friends, like Stephen Kenwright...

... and Gianpaolo Lorusso.

At this point, the SEMrush team was excited and exhausted, but we still had some things to do. First, we decided to unwind and have a couple of drinks in the evening with all speakers and attendees in a more relaxed atmosphere.

And of course, we had a photo with wonderful Kelvin Newman!

Stay tuned for more posts about BrightonSEO on the SEMrush Blog!

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Eric Van Buskirk
Nice write up, Kate. Embedded tweets can be soooo effective as you;ve shown here when used a LOT in a piece. I'm going to do that soon as well!
Eric Van Buskirk
Thank you for a nice feedback, Eric! Embedded tweets are really effective, especially when you don't have a lot of time for writing, nice lifehack :)