Event Recap: Meet Magento Romania 2015


Focusing on the eCommerce ecosystem and having the Magento platform at its core, Meet Magento is a leading series of worldwide conferences covering everything from the technical aspects of working with Magento, to the business and marketing challenges faced by professionals in the e-commerce industry.

For two days, Romania’s very own Silicon Valley – Cluj-Napoca – played host to one of the biggest e-commerce conferences in Eastern Europe, featuring 32 national and international speakers, 450+ attendees, 25+ talks and 10+ workshops.

From business-oriented talks to development workshops and marketing sessions, here are some of the highlights of this year’s Meet Magento Romania.

Like any self-respecting conference, #mm15ro kicked off Friday, October 2nd with snacks, coffee, goodie bags from our sponsors and a reminder of just how big the Magento community really is.

Meet Magento Swag

After an introduction from Netresearch App Factory AG’s Thomas Goletz, the business track attendees dove right into the Tangible cloud hosting benefits from merchants and solutions providers by Microsoft’s Roman Baluta and Stefano Lena’s (ContactLab) How to transform transactional emails into sales opportunities.

On the developer track, Magento Inc’s very own Ben Marks was holding one of the most anticipated talks of the day Magento 2: What it means for you. Ben’s talk was a real treat particularly because it referenced his own experience with Magento, focusing on improving Magento Community and pushing developers to test their own code.

The main track continued with a session from Marko Brisevac on the different strategies marketers, developers and designers can use to help users get adjusted to design changes. What I really appreciated was that Inchoo not just teased a sneak preview of the talk but Marko offered a few references for those looking to delve deeper into the topic and get ready for the session.

The business track continued with a session on The e-commerce behind the online store and the employer brand, while Amasty’s CEO Val Hrykyan was giving developers tips on debugging issues.

As Thomas Fleck was giving the main track attendees pointers on how to start, manage and successfully run an online business, another anticipated talk was starting on the developer track - Marius Strajeru’s Magento 2 as a CMS.

Starting from an overview of Magento 2, Marius provides a functional solution to using the platform as a CMS and, because it was one those very special days when editing the Magento core isn’t enough of a kicker, Marius also discussed the particulars of developing CRUD modules.

Both of his presentations are available on GitHub so make sure you check them out!

Hopping back on the main track, we heard from Kuba Zwolinski on Magento in the Internet of Things, while on the dev track, Radu Chelariu was getting ready to talk about the fact that It’s time to ditch the old school. Pitching the UX matra of a user-reactive approach rather than an assumptive one, Radu’s talk took us down the memory lane of flashy, pixel-perfect, client-request centered UX decisions vs the modern, user-centered, information based options that are available to us today.

After hearing from Iulian Padurariu on Gamification in e-commerce, Day 1 of the Meet Magento conference was officially closed but not before everyone put on their Sunday best and jumped right into the afterparty.

Day 2 kicked off with back to back workshops on Magento Backend, hosted by Marius Strajeru on (Magento 2) and Constantin Bejenaru on achieving Performance with Magento. On the Cloud side, we had 3Pillar Global’s Silvian Cretu on Cooking with Chef in Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Ryszard Dalkowsky on 3 easy ways of Running Magento in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Some of the most exciting business and marketing workshops focused on gamification in education, "Sexy Analytics for amazing Software People" by Liviu Taloi and partnerships as a guerilla marketing technique.

Meet Magento Romania 2015 was a definite learning experience, strongly oriented towards Magento 2, its capabilities and what it means for the future of the e-commerce industry. Where some speakers did wonderful in terms of social media participation, personally, I would have liked to see more involvement from the attendees.

All in all, Meet Magento Romania 2015 was both a teaser and a synopsis in terms of the improvements Magento 2 will bring compared to 1.x; with better overall performance, a better structure for extensions and a much more modern workflow for Magento developers.

What would you like to see in future Magneto conferences and events? Let us know in the comments!

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