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Everything You Need to Know About Adwords Keywords

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Everything You Need to Know About Adwords Keywords

Think Like a Spider!

When Google first started Adwords in early 2000, the marketing world, which was up till then mostly offline, changed its approach to being online. That proved to be a great business move, as today, there are more than one billion searches performed on Google every single day. These numbers alone are enough to make every SEO and marketing team who is in the right state of mind reach out for their piece of the pie. But here lies the question: how do you make your way through the Google Empire? This article is going to be about everything you ever wanted to know about Adwords keyword tools.

What’s All the Fuss About!

So, are other keyword research and grouping tools holding you back? Never mind them. The Google Adwords keywords tool is all you are ever going to need to get your website to climb to the top of Google’s search page. Although, Google’s Adwords keyword tool was meant for pay-per-click ads, it is also used as a powerful resource for performing keyword research in marketing campaigns.

The Positive Impact of Negative Keywords on PPC:

Everyone in the online marketing industry talks about keywords, but most people don’t realize that the negative keyword is the most under-used type in Google Adwords, even though PPC (pay-per-click) advertising has become a necessary part of internet marketing for most companies who want to make it big. So how does it work? Adwords negative keywords help take out irrelevant keywords that are not related to a site. This in turn helps generate leads by providing a better quality score in an Adwords campaign. To make my point clear, let’s compare it to a big juicy burger (because I like burgers, ha!)

Everybody likes burgers, but most people who choose to eat burgers have their own preferences. Some like extra cheese and some like to do away with the onions. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, Adwords negative keywords helps you take away the parts you do not want to eat and gives you only the parts that you do want to eat.

To get a head start is simple really as all you need to do is sign in on Google’s Adwords keyword tool which will generate other related keywords that are relevant to your niche and that you can add into your account. To find out the negative keywords, just change the ‘Match Type’ to ‘Negative’. This will give you a good idea on whether or not to add in the negative keywords. Remember to choose your negative keywords carefully and stay away from overusing negative keywords.

The ABC of SEO:

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, here are a few tips for people who are using Google Adwords keywords for the first time.

Do Your Research:

Are your dollars ending up in the trash-can? Getting your hands on the best keywords is the most crucial component for any internet biz. That’s because it can help you make a lot of money. On the other hand, the wrong Adwords keyword would most definitely make you suffer the loss of losing a lot of money! Hence, discovering the right ones is vital for any SEO.

Implementing Google’s Adwords keyword tools to check keywords to bid with is the best option there is, but you better be sure your keywords are relevant to your website. For instance, if you are selling ‘cats’, adding ‘dogs’ to your keyword list will not be a good choice of words. But you already knew that! One way of getting Adwords keywords that are interrelated to your business and client niche is by doing proper research before deciding on which keywords to use in your marketing campaign. Using the resources of Google Adwords and/or SEMrush Pro should get you off to a good start.

Be a Winner:

Getting an effective ad or content is just as crucial as getting great Adwords keywords. With the wrong ad/content, you will be able to acquire one of two things. Either you will get poor traffic to your website, obviously, or you will get a considerable amount of traffic but it will not convert into sales. Both these scenarios will not be good for a SEO campaign.

Google has very rigid criteria for advertisements as well as keywords present in content they show, which makes things complicated at times. What you can do is make a headline that grabs attention and produce epic work that makes the reader click.

Trail Conversions: Turkeys and Gold

It’s simple! As long as you do not keep track of the keywords that are generating the most income for you, you will not be able to recognize which ones to do away with. Google extends conversion tagging, and that is critical to determining which Adwords keywords is turkeys and which is gold. The bottom line is, when you get down to doing away with keywords that aren’t converting well, you will discover that you are paying off lower costs and arriving at a lot more profit.

Filter Out Your Search:

Another point to keep in mind is Google’s content network hits are a lot greater than their search traffic.

You will find that by separating the search and content network into two dissimilar campaigns, you’ve given yourself more flexibility that will allow you to not only care on the bids for your Adwords keywords for various networks, but will provide for you a more accurate day-to-day increase adwords CTR.

In this sense, Google Adwords keywords tool is a very strong instrument to acquire traffic for your site. The recourse tool provides unbelievable sums of income very fast for those who are able to utilize it appropriately.

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