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Experts Corner: What to Watch Out for in Digital Marketing in 2017

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Experts Corner: What to Watch Out for in Digital Marketing in 2017

Meri Chobanyan
Experts Corner: What to Watch Out for in Digital Marketing in 2017

Isn’t it trendy to talk about digital marketing trends in 2017? SEMrush couldn’t resist following the trend and include a roundtable discussion on the subject matter into its recent Online SEMrush Meetup

Our experts...

...have shared some great insights and fresh ideas to consider. Whom else should we learn from if not from digital marketing experts with vast experience and a sharp vision when it comes to the realm of digital trends? (Trick question! Always be learning.)

What to Expect in 2017

The underlying question that the digital marketing industry currently faces comes from marketers themselves... Should digital marketing take off its digital label and simply become marketing?

All of our speakers have agreed that in 2017, digital marketing will remain a separate field from traditional marketing.


“There’s still a long road to go,” concluded Bastian Grimm.

Key Challenges for Digital Marketers

The key challenges for digital marketers had to do with quality — the quality of people who are involved in digital marketing and the quality of information produced across the web. What everyone underlined is that the commonplace gap between good and bad digital marketers will only grow wider.

Andy Crestodina defined a “good digital marketing strategy” as one that leads to larger audience sizes, bigger subscriber lists and rising authority for both personal and big business brands.

Laurent Bourrelly persistently emphasized the importance of finding the WHY — why are you doing this? That’s the biggest issue to be resolved for marketers and smaller brands.

“Those who win, are the biggest hustlers. Find your own thing!” 

The big companies are the ones that will continue to grow. Thus, if you are small or new to the field, what’s important is Humanization —  making your brand personal and more human!

According to Nathan Chan, what you should emphasize and what he is challenging his own company to build its strategy around is Video!

Rise About the Noise

“2017 will be way noisier, it’ll be more difficult to be cut-through, you have to follow people across different platforms. You can’t be good at one channel only, you have to be good at three or four simultaneously!”

We should also expect “more, more, more of everything.” 

Laurent Bourrelly reflected on an ever-increasing amount of data produced, which challenges its processing and understanding.

Andy Crestodina agreed with this point and elaborated by saying you can turn the abundance of data into a potential brand awareness opportunity by “finding the missing statistics". Which is the data people assume is out there, but never actually do the research to support the data. By conducting original research and being the first one to publish it, you’ll become the primary source for your industry. Don’t miss out on such a prospect!

Let's Discuss the Following Questions Below...

What do you think is important about digital marketing in 2017?

Are you working towards cleaning up your data and providing real insights to brands about what works and doesn't work?

What experts are you turning to for advice or insights on digital marketing best practices?

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