Fall in Love with These 3 Underutilized Social Media Tools

Megan Ingenbrandt

Feb 12, 20163 min read
Fall in Love with These 3 Underutilized Social Media Tools

Love is in the air, and in my social media toolbox.

As any social media manager will tell you, the key to success lies in your tools. Just like you couldn’t build a house without a hammer and nails, you need the right tools in your social media toolbox to succeed.

I’ve been using some of the tools in my social media toolbox exclusively lately. In fact, you could say it’s getting pretty serious. I may even be in love.

Lucky for you, I’m not one of those crazy girls who try to keep the best-kept secrets to themselves. Instead, I’m going to share the love with you. Here are some of the tools I’ve been falling for recently.


As my friends will tell you, I’m a sucker for a funny GIF. GIFs aren’t just humorous, moving pictures. They’re actually a great way to increase engagement. I’ve been experimenting with them on my personal profiles a lot. These fun images have helped me start GIF-wars with my workmates, and have also helped me build relationships with my followers.

GIFs are great for increasing brand engagement on social media. They’re the perfect tool for grabbing your followers’ attention amidst a sea of boring tweets. GIFs are no longer just for sending funny emails to your friends, instead they’ve become an essential tool for email marketers, bloggers, and social media managers alike. They’re everywhere!

Giphy is a service that allows you to post images to various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. All you have to do is search for the type of GIF that you want, and let the GIF do the talking for you. They even provide you with the code to embed GIFs into your blog posts! Here are the ways Giphy will find and post GIFs for you.



Even though I’ve been a faithful Hootsuite user for many years, I’ve recently developed an eye for Buffer. While I’m currently only using it for my personal posts, Buffer is slowly stealing me away from my favorite Owl.

Buffer is a social automation service not too different from Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, Like those, Buffer allows users to schedule social media posts from your smartphone or browser. I use it primarily for my own profiles because it allows me to attach photos, GIFs, and videos to my posts without losing the content when the post goes live.

The paid version of Buffer, or Awesome plan, is a dream for social media managers that have a lot of accounts to post from. For instance, you can view the analytics of certain posts, to see what is performing well and what isn’t. You also get:

  • Up to 10 social profiles (as opposed to just one of each). So, you could manage multiple accounts (like multiple company Twitter accounts or personal ones along with professional ones).
  • Up to 100 Posts in your Buffer (as opposed to only storing 10 at a time). This means you can add posts pretty much as far ahead as you would like to.
  • Varied schedules. With the Individual Plan you can choose days and times but not different times for different days. So, I can have my posts go out at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., Monday and Wednesday. On the paid plan, you can have three go out every Monday, two on Tuesday, six on Friday, etc. All at whatever times you set.
  • 15 RSS Feed per connected profile. You're able to connect up to fifteen feeds for each of your connected profiles.

Talk about a dream come true! It’s easy to see why I’m obsessed with Buffer these days!

Repost for Instagram

Stop the screenshot and cropping nonsense! No one likes to have their hard work or images stolen. That’s where Repost for Instagram comes in. In two easy steps, you can re-share images while giving credit to the original Instagramer.

The app, of course, requires Instagram to use. With it, you can repost photos & videos from your Instagram feed to your own account.

This is a great tool if you are marketing your brand on Instagram. With this tool, other users can share your brand’s post to without losing the original message. When Instagramers choose to share your image, Repost places your tag on the bottom corner image. It also gives them the option of sharing the text that accompanied the post. This allows you to expand the reach of the original post just by sharing. Pretty cool, huh?

So what does this look like? I recently shared an Instagram from one of my favorite online stores, Coffee in the Shower. The image, when re-shared from my account, looked like this:

If you’re looking for new ways to engage with your followers, I suggest giving some of my new favorites a try. Who knows? You may fall even more deeply in love than I have. And lastly, don't forget to check out SEMrush's social media tool to track the growth and engagement of your accounts.

Do you love an underrated social media tool? Let me know about it in the comments!

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Megan IngenbrandtMegan is a social media addict based out of New Jersey. She is a huge Buffalo Sabres fan, lover of Frankenstein, and has never met a cup of coffee she hasn’t liked.
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